Getting Ready for Superbowl Weekend

It’s almost time to relax folks the weekend is just about here. For this lucky writer, I am fortunate enough to be heading out of town for the Superbowl weekend, courtesy of and the fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s finally time to get to the heart of where the action is, kicking the ol’ nine to five to the curb in favor of rest and relaxation, and hopefully a great Superbowl game this weekend. With the sound of chirping slot machines, excitement on the tables, and buzzing tourists throughout the many Las Vegas hotels, it sure will be a nice change of pace from uptight bosses and frantic deadlines faced earlier in this work week. Although I will have a bit of time to squeeze some online wagers in at a few of our featured sportsbooks, this weekend will be spent live in the casinos, where hopefully I can get into a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament and hone my rusty table skills back into proper form. Needless to say, I am one excited individual, and can’t wait until my plane takes off for the desert tomorrow.

That aside, there is plenty of sports action leading up to this weekend. The NBA weekend has some great match-ups today and through the weekend, and the NHL had some great games this evening, featuring some key divisional rival match-ups. Of noteworthiness, my Vancouver Canucks took down the Edmonton Oilers to regain control of the Northwest Division with a 5-3 win at home. In the nearby Pacific division, Dallas took control and defeated the San Jose Sharks 4-2 in a surprising victory at San Jose, as both teams try to play catch-up to Anaheim, which looks playoff bound already. Unfortunately however, my wager at broke down as my parlay bet included the San Jose Sharks to win. This brings my nice little hockey wagering win streak to a close at five won wagers in a row, but I have been more than fortunate and everyone has to lose at some point or another. Maybe this will help reset my win streak for Vegas I’ll keep my fingers crossed on that one.

Just for a reminder once again, make sure that if you plan on placing wagers for Superbowl XLI this weekend and haven’t already looked into your options for the game, our featured online sportsbooks at happen to have a plethora of information for you, and many possibilities to choose from for wagering on the big game. If you either want to wager straight up, or maybe take bets on individual performances, quarter scoring, or even field goal scored, you can find a wager online to suit your wants and needs. Thank you again for checking in with us, and next time I write it will be from Las Vegas, where I hope to cash in on the weekend’s excitement. Wish me luck, and I hope you the same for all your weekend wagering!

Aaron G.