Superbowl Weekend from Las Vegas has headed to Las Vegas this weekend, to take part in a wild and exciting Superbowl weekend.  Leaving the everyday work week long behind, we hopped on a short flight and found ourselves in a bustling bee-hive of activity, playing a soundtrack of slot machines ringing, and excited people cheering from packed gambling tables. The sportsbooks in Las Vegas are packed across the board with people squeezing in their bets on anything from horse racing to the Superbowl XLI. The exciting part of the betting this weekend is that the lines made for the game are so well set that they have people betting almost evenly for both the Indianapolis Colts and the Chicago Bears. While I’m still taking Indianapolis to cover the 7 points they are favored by (I bet once on one of our featured online sportsbooks, and once again in Vegas), countless people I have been playing alongside on the casino floors have wagered on the game, and it is definitely about fifty-fifty on either side of the betting. In a sea of every color of sports jersey, bustling Superbowl kiosks, and packed sportsbooks, we all eagerly await tomorrow’s game with the hope that it will turn out in our favor.

With all the Superbowl hype aside, there is still plenty of wagering action to be had over the weekend, even if you aren’t in Las Vegas. College basketball will be in full swing, and this writer sure couldn’t resist popping into a sportsbook late last night and placing some wagers for Saturday’s NCAA action. While betting on sports in Las Vegas is certainly exciting, I would go so far to say that the featured online sportsbooks offered on are much more easy to use, not to mention an easy way to avoid the massive lines and crowded areas surrounding almost all sportsbooks in Las Vegas. The frantic mood of this weekend almost makes me yearn to head back to my hotel room, place my bets on our featured sportsbooks, and play some cards from the comfort of my own computer. Almost? But not quite. I quickly remember that there is nothing quite like the excitement of being on the casino floors in Las Vegas, especially with the craziness of Superbowl weekend. I haven’t been to Vegas and seen it this packed in a long time. Maybe it’s the Superbowl and the great weather here, or maybe it’s just everyone being thrilled to not be at home or at work?

With that said, I wish you a pleasant evening as I must return back to the casino floor for more of the excitement I’ve come to Las Vegas for. I hear the roulette wheel calling my name once again! I hope that you all have had an opportunity to place your wagers for this great weekend of sports, or get a chance to play some games in our featured online casinos. We’ll catch you again tomorrow, and from all of us at, thank you for using our website for all your online casino and sportsbook wagering needs.



Aaron G.