Heading Home from Vegas, Colts head home with Superbowl …

To those of you out there who might happen to be Chicago Bears fans, Superbowl XLI would be what would be classified as a huge bummer. On the flipside of things however, if you are a Colts fan it has just been guaranteed that the name Peyton Manning will be repeated every 10 minutes from here until the end of time. Bottom line, Colts win 29-17 and covering their touchdown point spread. Wow. Further, the 46 total points scored in the game (about 1.5 to 2 points from the over/under) was enough to make anyone wagering clinch up and be a little short of breath. I for one had a bittersweet afternoon, winning my wager placed on the Colts to cover the points, but just missing getting over the 47.5 points I needed for my other bet. If there is one thing that I can be stoked about, it’s the fact that the bets I’ve placed on CasinoReview.org’s featured online sportsbooks made the already spectacular Superbowl XLI that much more exciting.

I am however, having to leave this desert oasis in Nevada in one short hour, and face the real world once again back in sprawling Los Angeles. Www.CasinoReview.org has given me a great look into the real world of gambling, at the height of the NFL football season and while it has been extremely fun and indulgent all around, I’m a little glad to be getting back to the online casinos and sportsbooks I’ve become used to. Playing in our online casinos and featured sportsbooks from the comfort of my own home is just far better than the recycled air and cigarette smoke found in all the Las Vegas casinos. If I could only find away to get everything else Las Vegas has through my front door, then I’d be all set. One can dream, can’t he? I’ve placed plenty of wagers on the biggest casinos floors, and stood in queue at most packed sportsbook in Vegas, and quite frankly my money goes farther, and the selection is just a good if not much better on any of the featured online sportsbooks and casinos on our site.

So congratulations to the Colts, and better luck next time for the Bears. I would certainly bet on their return to the playoffs considering the present state of the NFC, and they certainly gave fans their money’s worth in Superbowl XLI. With the end of one playoff season starts the race for many others. I certainly look forward to all my future wagers placed in our online sportsbooks for NCAA basketball, as March Madness is now only a little more than 5 weeks away. Not to mention, NHL hockey and NBA basketball are separating the playoff bound from the rest of the crowd, making for great sports action with good wagering possibilities. I hope you had a great weekend and I thank you for checking us out at www.CasinoReview.org for all the best online sportsbooks and casinos.  We’ll see you tomorrow.



Aaron G.