Basketball heats up, making for great wagering opportunities

As the weekend comes to a close, and the Superbowl marks the end of the NFL football season, one can only be little bittersweet about it. However, even though there isn’t any more football to place sportsbook wagers on (sigh), there is plenty of other sports action to take its place for those that wish to use’s featured online sportsbooks for an exciting addition to any sports event. As rivalry week kicks off in NCAA college basketball, it is a constant reminder that March Madness is approaching fast, and with it comes the great big brackets, office pools, and exciting match-ups that all sports fans crave. The first of the big college rivalry games took place in Texas, as the Longhorns faced the Texas A&M Aggies, who are looking to be a huge threat in the March Tournament.  Texas A&M routed Texas 100-82, which helped to give my wager at a victory as I took A&M to cover the points. The week is off to a good start, and you would be hard pressed not to find a great college basketball game to place a wager on in our featured online sportsbooks.

Switching over to the NBA on Monday night, a few big game made for exciting action. The Phoenix Suns, without the aid of Steve Nash, went into Denver and pushed them around, taking with them a win 113-108. I took wagers on the Chicago v. Utah, Seattle v. Washington, and Minnesota v. Houston games over on for tonight’s games. The three team parlay placed paid off, as I took the favored teams together and came out with no upsets. Banking on the struggles of Seattle and Minnesota, combined with the strong Utah Jazz at home, I ended up with a nice little pay day for my online sportsbook account, and another notch in the win column for my NBA sportsbook wagers.  Using that extra little coin, I will certainly have enough for wagers on the rest of the week’s college basketball games, and maybe some more NBA and NHL wagers to come as well.

Speaking of the NHL, which is also providing sports enthusiasts with some great wagering opportunities, last night’s solo match-up between the Detroit Red Wings and the NY Rangers was an exciting finish indeed. 3 goals scored in the third period by the Red Wings were just enough to clip the Rangers on their home ice 4-3. Detroit, along with other teams like Nashville, Buffalo, Anaheim and New Jersey are slowly filling in the top seeds heading into the race for the playoffs. Great rivalries in hockey are on their way, and the featured online sportsbooks on are a perfect place to make these games even more exciting for you.  With the sports scene wrapped up for the beginning of the week, make sure to check out the great rivalries in store for you to place wagers on. Even with no more NFL football, there is still plenty of action for all types of sports enthusiasts, and there are more playoffs and tournaments coming right around the corner. I for one am one excited guy. Thanks again for using for all your online sportsbook and casino wagering action. We’ll see you tomorrow.



Aaron G.