Sportsbook wagers for College Basketball Saturday

It is safe to say the Saturday is a wild day in the world of sports, especially when it comes to wagering on NCAA Basketball action. Now I love to place wagers on college sports, mostly because of the big rivalries, crazy fans and frequent wild finishes. However, knowing that no one in the top 25 is guaranteed a win makes knowing who to wager on awfully difficult sometimes. One need not look any further than what happened last year in the NCAA tournament to know that you can never be sure of whether your sportsbook wagers placed on the favored team will be a sure bet.  I bring this up only because, my sportsbook wagers placed on a few of the sportsbooks at went down in flames Saturday afternoon. Mostly due to the loss handed to UCLA by West Virginia, my three team PAC-10 wager ended up a bust. Though I made a correct call picking Arizona to upset Oregon (which I thought was my only possible error), having a parlay bet with the Bruins losing made for a big bust. No worries though, as the great college hoops on the television quickly took my mind away from a miniscule money loss. With so many games to wager on in our featured sportsbooks, and basketball on throughout the day, I for one don’t want Saturdays to end. That and not having to go back to work?

One notably good match-up between the defending champion Florida Gators and the Kentucky Wildcats was definitely worth watching this Saturday afternoon. Pulling out with a win in hostile territory, the #1 Gators look awfully primed for this year’s March Madness, and I for one can’t wait to start wagering on them in the tournament. Speaking of wagering, basketball in the NBA has also been picking up steam leading into their own All-Star weekend, and offers some great sportsbook wagering for potential bettors.  While the Dallas Mavericks and Phoenix Suns continue to dominate just about everyone that they play, many other teams hovering around the .500 mark are beginning to make a move towards the playoffs, with those hot teams creating some great sportbook wagering opportunities.  With Steve Nash out this week, the youthful Chicago Bulls capitalized at Phoenix for a big win, contributing another win toward their playoff hopes. The Miami Heat, with Shaq back in the line-up, is also starting to play great basketball reminiscent of last season’s championship run.  Look for the second half of NBA basketball to feature some very hot (as well as a few very cold) teams to make wagering a little easier to choose. has great opportunities available for any type of sports enthusiast. With basketball leagues in full swing right now, you can guarantee some great sportsbook wagering, and plenty of excitement on the court. I for one have come back to watching and wagering on basketball, as the youthful talent developing in the leagues will provide great sports action for years to come. Until tomorrow, have a great Saturday, and remember to use our featured sportsbooks and online casinos for all your sports betting and good times in the casinos.


Aaron G.