Got a Case of the Mondays? Our featured Sportsbooks and …

Now I can’t stand Mondays just as much as the next person. I always hate to see the weekend, with all its exciting sports action and relaxing pace, be replaced by a long work week, early morning wake-ups, and the annoying ringing phones. However, since being a registered user on all of’s featured sportsbooks and casinos, I have found that every Monday has a little excitement in store for me right when I finally get home and the thought of work fades away altogether.  So for this Monday, I have taken out a few wagers from the NBA to the NHL, and quickly headed back to for my favorite table games in their online casino. Now this is much more enjoyable. I popped in a quick three team parlay wager, turned on the TV, and sat back with a full table of competitors for some Texas Hold ‘Em action.  For my wagering, I have taken the favorites again, placing money on the Utah Jazz, the Denver Nuggets, and the Detroit Pistons to win their respective games, and hopefully put a little extra coin in my betting account.

In other sports news in the NFL for Monday, there has been a few shake-ups this post season, as is typical following any team’s disappointing finish. Bill Parcels is gone in Dallas, and now Marty Schottenheimer is added to the list of great coaches that just couldn’t quite get it done this year and had to be let go. It is unfortunate (especially because I never lost a wager that had the San Diego Chargers in it last season) that no loyalty is paid to head coaching positions in any sport, anywhere. Although the Chargers should have been in Superbowl XLI this year, they undoubtedly will be back in the playoffs next season, as Philip Rivers will only get better, and LT will continue to dominate as the perhaps the best running back ever to play in the NFL. It’s a shame to see a great coach go, but Coach Marty will be back, and can hopefully snap his playoff woes elsewhere.

With a couple of NBA games this evening, a few good NCAA men’s basketball games in action, and just one NHL game, Monday is just a little bit slow for sports action. However, there is always exciting action in our featured online casinos at Getting to play some cards, watching a few good sports match-ups, and kicking back after work is certainly a nice reward for making it through another Monday. I hope that you have made it through the day, and get a chance to get on our featured online sportsbooks and casinos for a little fun today.  Thank you again for checking out our website, and for playing on our featured websites. We’ll see you tomorrow with more exciting sports action for Tuesday, and (fingers crossed) with more wagering money in yours and my online betting accounts!


Aaron G.