Back to winning ways in our Online Sportsbooks and Casinos

If you happened to check in at yesterday, or were paying attention to the College Basketball world, you would understand what being upset is all about. Not only did a handful of highly ranked basketball teams go down, but so did my wagers placed on our featured online sportsbooks. Lucky for me, and probably for many others, Wednesday is another day, and new sportsbook wagers have finally paid off a bit.  Last night, I took some time out of my evening to venture over to one of our best featured online sportsbooks and casinos at, in order to try and gain back just a little that I had lost earlier.  Fortune is apparently forgiving, at least for me on this day. Not only did I get my money back playing a few different casino games played, but I managed to squeeze in some late night bets for today’s sporting action.  Taking a couple of small wagers on the NHL, one on the NBA, and two more on College basketball, I managed to hit all the wagers this evening, making me one happy writer with a much better looking account to wager further with.  It was certainly an exciting win as it all came down to the Vancouver Canucks, who defeated the hosting Minnesota Wild on a goal from Sami Salo with only 39.6 seconds left in overtime. I seem to always be able to count on my Canucks to pull my NHL wagers through!

That is a good thing, considering the recent string of defeats I have taken in my sports wagering.  However, it seems that while playing on the featured online casinos, and wagering in our online sportsbooks, I have managed to withstand smaller losses, and take in bigger and bigger wins to increase my account balance and keep me a happy bettor.  I seem to also have a great deal of luck whenever I get onto, as my record on that website for wagering now stands at 15 won bets and only 8 losses. I will certainly take those odds any day of the week! Not to get too over zealous and ruin a good thing, I will be placing more wagers for tomorrow across and, hoping for a similar outcome as today.  These three websites featured on are just about the most solid wagering establishments found on the internet today.  In all my playing in the last three months or so, not only have I taken in profit from each of these websites, but they continue to offer outstanding wagering options, fantastic customer service, and easily navigable websites for easy use. If you haven’t gotten a chance to take a look at the sportsbooks and casinos at these three sites, you would certainly be doing yourself a favor to start now.

With a good showing today, wiping out earlier losses in the week, I look forward to even more sportsbook wagering for Thursday. I hope that you were able to share some of my good fortune in your sportsbook wagering and online casino betting, and hopefully will get the option to place more wagers tomorrow. From us at, have a great night and a great tomorrow, and thank again for checking in with us.


Aaron G.