Sportsbook Wagering for Thursday, NHL and NBA report

As the weekend draws near, there is still plenty of sportsbook wagering to go around, even if the NBA is off for All-Star weekend in Las Vegas.  For Thursday, two great NBA games took place that gave sports fans some exciting wagering action, not to mention a peek at a few of the teams that look to be heading to the playoffs this year.  I decided to place a two team parlay wager at, taking the red hot Dallas Mavericks over the Houston Rockets and the Cleveland Cavaliers over the Los Angeles Lakers. I was fortunate yet again to score a win, as Dallas rolled to its ninth straight victory, and Cleveland pushed the Lakers around with the help of the 38 points put up by impressive play of Lebron James. The Los Angeles Lakers continue on their losing streak, now at 5 games, and are struggling to keep up the defensive side of their game, which makes betting in favor of them highly unattractive as of now.

It is worth mentioning just how good the Dallas Mavericks are. Since starting the season off 0-4 they have gone 40-5, piling up 19 straight home wins. Already, Dirk Nowitzki must be considered as MVP, with his amazing skill and considerable range for a man 7 feet tall. When ESPN notes that the Mavericks pulled out another win even though Mr. Nowitzki didn’t score 30 points (They are 19-0 so the stats say when he does? and he only racked up a measly 26 tonight), you have to take into account just how much of a force he and the Dallas Mavericks are this year. While there is the fact only 1 team in the last 5 years has made it to the NBA Finals after holding the best record at the All-Star break, this team simply cannot, and will not be stopped. I certainly won’t be the one to start betting against them!

Elsewhere in the world of sports, keep an eye out for the Nashville Predators in the NHL.  Acquiring Peter Forsberg after he dropped his no-trade clause with the dead last place Philadelphia Flyers, the Predators are now a serious contender (even though they already were) for the Stanley Cup this year. Having the second best point total in the entire league, the only thing that Nashville has struggled with has been on the power play, which they rank 20th in the NHL. With Peter Forsberg, Nashville gains an aggressive veteran with two Stanley Cup victories under his belt, not to mention the fact that he is among the very best to ever play the game.  Make sure to look out for this team and for the all the great action in the NHL, making for exciting wagering in our featured sportsbooks on


Aaron G.