Saturday sports wagering on NCAA Basketball

Saying goodbye to the hustle and bustle of the city, I’ve headed out to the high desert of Palm Springs for a little bit of rest and relaxation. However, you can be sure, with such a great weekend of sports ahead of us, that I haven’t forgot about wagering in our featured online sportsbooks, especially for Saturday’s exciting action in the NCAA, and the NHL.  Fortunately for me, my two team parlay wager on Friday night’s NHL games paid off, a nice little surprise as I thought that I might have made a mistake betting against the New Jersey Devils. I guess sometimes it is good to go with a gut instinct, and this was certainly one of those times. So with a nice little chunk of change to wager with, and a slew of great sports action to be had on Saturday, I quickly placed a few wagers on College Basketball, and tried my hand at another parlay bet in the NHL.  I jumped over to, which hasn’t seen a bit of action from me in a while, and took out a four team parlay, starting with a hopeful victory for the New Jersey Devils, who I couldn’t imagine dropping two straight right now.  Banking on a group of favored teams, hopefully I will have the same luck I did yesterday in the NHL.

Elsewhere in the sports world, you know that with Saturday comes more than enough college basketball to keep us sports fans occupied all afternoon long.  Our featured sportsbooks on are guaranteed to be busy, as the Top 25 is all in action, and there will be some great match-ups that you won’t want to miss wagering on. Of note, great games like #4 North Carolina vs. #21 Boston College, #7 UCLA vs. #24 Arizona, and #15 S. Illinois vs. #12 Butler are the big match-ups of the day.  As per usual, any sports fan can find a great game to place wagers on in our featured online sportsbooks.  Even though I’m out on vacation, the TV will certainly be fixed on NCAA basketball all day long.  If you are like me, you won’t want to miss out on these great wagering opportunities, especially as college basketball is nearing ever closer to March Madness. I’ve got my wagers placed, and my margarita in hand for a nice afternoon sitting poolside in the warm desert sun.  My apologies for rubbing it in, however when you are stuck in an office 6 days a week, you have to gloat just a little bit?

So check out the wagers offered in our featured online sportsbooks, and settle in for some great college hoops, or whatever games suit your fancy. You no doubt will be entertained all weekend long, as the action only gets better tomorrow, with the final round of the Nissan open in golf, the NBA All-Star game, and the Daytona 500 all underway. The only thing you have to worry about is how to cram all that action in at the same time!  Whatever you do, have a great time doing it, and get your sportsbook wagers placed, as you won’t want to miss out on this weekend’s sporting action. Until tomorrow, thanks for stopping by and checking out the great online sportsbooks and casinos offered at



Aaron G.