NCAA Saturday is not to be missed?

If you like sports, I don’t have to tell you that Saturday is the best day of the week for catching NCAA hoops action. Every single weekend gets better towards March Madness, and you can be sure that all the games taking place today will have effects down the line for the NCAA tournament brackets.  There are sixteen Top 25 games in store for us this weekend, and I’ve placed my wagers early today to guarantee some action on today’s games. For my sportsbook wagering, I’ve gone over to for sportsbook purposes first, and I will probably also end up in their online casino during the course of the hoops games. I’m too much of a sucker for Texas Hold ‘Em on this website that anytime I go to, I wind up on the tables. Luckily for me I have a won more than I’ve lost, which is probably the reason I keep going back in the first place.

I must mention that I scored with both of my wagers last night, which gives this writer a little boost in confidence. Utah straight outplayed the Denver Nuggets in Denver, and my three team parlay featuring all favored-to-win teams played out just as it should.  I can’t reinforce how much better my wagering has been now that the second half of the season has spurred great play from teams with playoff intentions. Now is certainly the time to get in on this great action, as teams are becoming more predictable and sportsbook wagering is potentially more profitable because of it. If an amateur bettor like myself can come out with wins, then so can just about anyone. Take the time to know what you are wagering on, mix with a bit of luck, and hopefully your winning bets can fuel future bets. There is nothing better than wagering on our featured sportsbooks with money won on those sportsbooks.

Game time is just underway this morning, and I’ve crawled out of bed and onto the couch for the morning NCAA games. While this may seem extremely lazy, there are just too many good basketball match-ups to miss even a little bit of it.  Placing my wagers in our featured sportsbooks is most certainly the easy part. I’ve got a few parlays taken out across two of our featured online sportsbooks, and I hope that my hoops luck continues. Sitting though college basketball games and knowing the potential for upsets gets to be an exciting event when you’ve got money in the sportsbooks. Basketball is such a great sport, and watching college sports action is a great way to spend a lazy Saturday, free from the monotonous work week. Thanks again for using for finding the best in online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer.



Aaron G.