Sportsbooks pay off my casino losses!

I will start by saying that this weekend was especially good to me when it came to sports wagers placed online.  Out of a total five wagers placed across a few of our featured online sportsbooks on Saturday, I came out on top in four of them including two wins college hoops, one on the NBA, and one on the NHL. Being rarely this lucky to cash in big on the weekend sports action, I decided to see if I couldn’t continue on my winning ways in the poker room at, and maybe double up on the tables, as I had done in the sportsbooks on Friday and Saturday. To my dismay however, things did not turn out so rosy for me. As I sought out some higher stakes this evening, needless to say I didn’t exactly fare so well (to the tune of my entire winnings total for the weekend). I guess it’s true that you win some and you lose some, but only having that nice little extra stack for one day is a little bit of a bummer. Nonetheless, I did have a great time playing cards, watching and wagering on sports, and I am back to what I had starting the weekend, which I guess can’t be all bad.

For Sunday evening there is even more exciting sports action worthy of placing wagers on.  In store for sports fans in the NBA are some great match-ups including Detroit vs. Chicago and Cleveland vs. Miami, which should make for the better games of the night.  In the NHL, it gets even better with much at stake specifically in the heated Northwest division. Division leading Vancouver takes on Dallas tonight, with a 4 points lead over Minnesota, who plays host to Edmonton. Still trying to cling to life, Colorado faces a tough Anaheim Ducks team tonight at the Pond in Anaheim.  Also, the trade deadline is soon coming to a close on Tuesday afternoon, so watch out for what teams make key pick-ups before the playoffs.  It should be interesting to see what teams are able to make moves with the new salary caps imposed, and what moves might make the difference between a team being on the fence, and a team winning the Stanley Cup this year.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be wagering on the San Jose Sharks vs. the Anaheim Ducks, which should be a great in-state hockey match-up to check out. You could probably flip a coin on this one, and I’ll probably need plenty of luck to call the right team. It’s been another great weekend for sports, and I hope that you have had some luck playing in our featured online sportsbooks and casinos at  You can guarantee that tomorrow will have more great sports action to choose wagers on, and that our featured online casinos always offer a good time for the casual to the aspiring professional player. So good luck tonight and tomorrow if you have wagers placed, and thanks again for swinging by.



Aaron G.