Great Wagers, Great Games, and Trading Action on Monday

With the new work week comes some exciting times in the NHL on Monday night. With the trade deadline coming to a close, hockey teams were scrambling to either shore up the best players before heading into the post-season, or quickly disperse high dollar stars to gain crucial draft choices for next year.  While some high profile trades went through and many teams now look even tougher heading towards the playoff season, hockey still pressed on with a few games on Monday night. For this writer, I took a wager out on the San Jose vs. Anaheim game, as the match-up between these two teams is always an exciting time. Going to the sportsbook at, I placed a wager taking Anaheim to win at HP Pavilion in San Jose, and sat back for a great game. What I got was nothing short of that; Anaheim won the game 3-2, in a well played game for both teams that was exciting all the way to the finish. The Ducks are certainly a team to look out for heading towards the Stanley Cup, as they have the speed, strength, defense, and not to mention a great goaltender in J.S. Giguere, all of which are necessities for winning in the postseason.

Elsewhere in the sports world, there were a handful of basketball games across both the NBA and NCAA that were worth a wager or two.  In college hoops, Syracuse dominated #10 Georgetown in a shocking upset that will certainly help to boost the Orangemen’s chance of making the NCAA tournament this year.  Also, #3 Kansas got a huge scare at Oklahoma, squeezing out a 2 point win after blowing a 17 point margin earlier.  Regardless of whether you have placed wagers or not, college hoops are certainly giving fans excitement every day of the week leading up to the big dance.  Luckily for sports fans, there happens to be little difference in the excitement level between the NBA and NCAA basketball right now, and Monday had plenty of potential sportsbook wagering in the NBA as well. Teams hovering around the .500 mark are in abundance and the struggle for those precious playoff spots are making every game from here on out very important. While teams like Dallas, Phoenix and Utah look to be shoe-ins for the postseason, everywhere else tight races are taking place.  You certainly won’t want to miss out on choosing the hot teams in your sportsbook wagers, as it is becoming easier everyday to know who is going to clutch up and win, and who will be left in the dust.

So you can kiss another Monday goodbye, and look forward to great sports match-ups all week long. Place those wagers in our featured sportsbooks at, and get ready for some of the best sports action of the year. Thanks for stopping in and using our website for all your online wagering and gaming needs. We’ll see you again tomorrow.


Aaron G.