Tuesday Sportsbook and Casino wagering at www.VIP.com

Have you ever had that one day at work where time seems to stand still, and nothing you do can make the hours go any faster? Well, I had that day today, and quite frankly I am so glad to finally be home, and getting the opportunity to throw some notes down on tonight’s NBA match-ups. Going into today, I told myself that I would use every game of the evening as a betting opportunity at www.VIP.com. I haven’t had the opportunity to spend much time at this online sportsbook and casino, and admittedly, I’ve only placed a wager here or there just to test the waters.  So tonight seems to be the perfect night to spend an evening on just one site and see how it goes? Judging from my initial impressions of the website’s clean design, and user-friendly options, I know this site will provide me with an enjoyable experience, but what I really want to know is can it show me some money?

Since there are five games being played tonight in the NBA, I’m splitting them up, 3 in one parlay, and two in the other.  I’ve placed my first wager taking Cleveland, New Jersey and Dallas to win outright in their respective games. I’m positive Dallas will win, as well as Cleveland. In my last choice, I’m betting on the fact that the Washington Wizards are visiting New Jersey, injury riddled, and going up against a still-playoff-hopeful Nets team. Vince Carter still has it in him, at least to get the team into the playoffs.  As for the second wager, I’m taking Phoenix to cover the points, and the Golden State Warriors to win tonight away against the struggling Bucks in Milwaukee. Now, I’m only placing modest wagers for both of these parlays, as I’ve got plenty of action left ahead of me in the casino and poker room at www.VIP.com.

This is where I must part ways, hoping that a visit the poker room and casino will bring me a new chunk of change, and an even better impression of www.VIP.com.  So for everybody who’s tired of work and happy to be home, I encourage you to get those wagers placed this evening, kick back and relax, and maybe get online in our featured sportsbooks and casinos.  All I know is that it’s a lot more fun than being at work, and potentially much more rewarding as well. So have a great night, and I wish you all luck, and thanks again for visiting us at www.CasinoReview.org.

Aaron G.