Great Sports on Monday, more wagering opportunities

With Monday being just a little bit of a quiet day when compared with Superbowl Sunday, the top sportsbooks were still kicking with plenty of great sports action for online sports betting. Notably in the NHL for Monday, there was some great hockey which made for a very exciting evening indeed. The Coyotes took the Avalanche 4-3 in Overtime (yes, the Coyotes are +.500 right now and in playoff contention ), and with a New Jersey win as well I was able to secure a little parlay placed at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). I’m am one happy camper to see the NHL doing so well, and if you haven’t really taken the time to catch a game or make a few wagers on one of our featured online sports betting sites, you owe it to yourself to find out how exciting of a game it has become. There are so many potential playoff contenders, and so many young, talented groups on the ice that your money is well spent wagering on NHL hockey. With all the talent, every night is like a nonstop highlight reel.

Back to the wood court, of note were the few games in the Top 25, with one big upset coming in the form of Louisville getting all over division rival and #16 in the nation Marquette. This would have been less shocking had it been at Louisville�but getting blown out by 14 at home? Nuts. I had taken a couple of small bets, spread at and for Monday’s NCAA action, but these wagers both folded under this game leaving me with no choice but to be happy with breaking even on the day all around. Nonetheless, this is everything I love about NCAA College Basketball. You never know who’s going down on what day�and besides, March Madness is just weeks away!

You won’t want to miss placing at least a few wagers for this week’s games, regardless of what sports suits your fancy the most. From the court to the ice, to anywhere else in the sporting world, our best online sports books and casinos offer the sports fan a little something of everything to make exciting sports games even that much more interesting.  I’m off to place more bets, so wish me luck and I’ll do the same for you! You won’t want to miss the Florida v. Tennessee showdown in the NCAA, as it is guaranteed to be a great game and an exciting atomosphere. From us at, thank you for checking out our website and for placing your wagers at the online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed here. If it is quality, ease of wagering, and variety of wagering options you look for in online betting, our featured online casinos and sportsbooks have it all for you and then some.

Aaron G.