College Rivalries in full swing for Wednesday

If there is something worth placing a wager on this week, take a trip to one of our featured online sportsbooks and check out some of the great NCAA Basketball action being offered.  Every day of the week so far has provided sports fans with stunning upsets, great in-state rivalry games, and the crazy action that no sport has quite like college hoops does.  I have just finished watching the Duke v. North Carolina game, and I can only say that this is as good as it gets, folks. Duke was taking full advantage of a thin UNC team, taking the fairly controlling 89-78 at Chapel Hill and making my wager on win and simultaneously making every UNC fan crushed with sadness. This is perhaps one of the best rivalries in ALL college sports, and hopefully you were able to utilize one of our best online sportsbooks on to place a wager on this game.

Up in the Northeast, and probably the best game for Wednesday was the match up between UConn and Syracuse, with the Huskies just barely scraping out a two point win, 63-61. Winning their sixth straight, UConn ranked at #19 is prime for the tournament, and definitely flying in a bit under the radar. I don’t know about you, but I’m counting down the days until I can go to one of the top sportsbooks and wager on tournament games. I already miss the NFL playoffs, and March Madness is just right around the corner.  I will be spending the rest of the month trying to stock up enough winnings in our featured online casinos to place wagers on as many basketball games as possible�.and that’s crazy but it will be so fun having money riding on all the NCAA tournament games. The sports betting sites featured on have a tremendous amount of knowledge to use on your wagers, and with plenty teams already posturing for the tournament, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to check out some stats. I was crushed last year in my betting pool (though so was everyone else) and I am most certainly going to be as thorough as possible when picking my bets this year.

I’m off to the casinos at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) to play some roulette and some Blackjack this evening. I have a great feeling that the extra money that I earned this week on basketball wagers will come in handy for some extended playing time.  There are so many different games offered on this and other online casinos, that I haven’t even been able to play all of them yet. So I will have to get myself into something new this evening for a change of pace. I was watching Pai-Gow in Las Vegas, and I’m intrigued to try it. Come join me on our featured online casinos and game rooms for a great time this evening, or any evening for that matter. There is always a lot of fun to be had on the featured online casinos and sportsbooks we offer at

Aaron G.