Sunday is for sports fans of all types

Before any wagers were placed on the multitude of sporting events offered on Sunday, it is easy to say that this was one of the best days in sports this year. Even without placing wagers in our featured sportsbooks, the sports action on Sunday turned out to be the most exciting and exhilarating experience for sports fans of all types. Whether it was watching the NBA All-Star game’s ridiculous amount of scoring and high flying antics, seeing the great hockey and college basketball action, or catching the wild ending of the Daytona 500, this was a sports day not to be missed.  All this great action, and no work tomorrow for the most of us makes this writer one very happy camper. Now, if I could just figure out a way to take my poolside location back to Los Angeles and never have to work again, I would be all set!

I will admit that I decided to take Sunday off from wagering in our featured sportsbooks, if only because all or most of the sporting events might have turned out to very unpredictable at best.  As expected, it certainly was a wild Sunday for sports action, and I for one probably saved myself a bit of money by not placing ridiculous wagers on sports that I’m not as familiar with.  However, the sportsbooks were certainly busy this weekend with people who weren’t nearly as chicken as I am, and hopefully if you were one of them, your bets came out on top, and you went home with more money than you started with.  To get my wagering fill, I took the money I saved from the day’s sports action, and put it down on the featured online casino at  Luckily for me, after a few hours of playing, I ended up with a bit more money in my account and a smile on my face. I was able to enjoy all the wild sports action without placing crazy wagers and still
ended up ahead at the end of the day.

Unfortunately for me, my time out in the high desert of Palm Springs is rapidly coming to a close, and the real world seems all to near now. I will soon have to give up my margaritas, cigars, and pool floats for more office work and early morning wake-ups. I hope that you were able to take in a bit of relaxation this weekend, and that any wagers placed on our featured sportsbooks and online casinos turned out in your favor. Enjoy the last day of freedom tomorrow, and get into more exciting sports action this week by placing wagers on our featured sportsbooks at

Aaron G.