Wild Basketball action for Tuesday

Wow.  It is safe to say that this writer hasn’t seen such wild Basketball action as was played tonight!  While taking the opportunity on Monday to wager on a few NCAA and NBA games for today, I certainly was not prepared for the massive ups and downs that would unfold this evening, and consequently destroy my three team parlay placed at one of our featured online sportsbooks at Oddsmaker.com (<a href=”http://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/Oddsmaker.html”>read the review of Oddsmaker.com</a>).  I however, would imagine that I’m not alone in this disaster, which makes me feel a little bit better about things. For the record, Boston went down on the road against Denver 124-118. If that wasn’t enough, the struggling Portland team let a pretty sub-par Sacramento team walk into the Rose Garden and gave up an eleven point victory as well. Top it all of with one win by the L.A Lakers that didn’t matter, and we have had ourselves one mess of a Tuesday night in Basketball! That being said, the games were more than exciting to watch, and worth the 10 dollar lost wager to see some big teams get pushed around in the NBA.  Okay, so I’m lying. Anything to justify the fact that my wager was destroyed tonight will have to do for now.

So with that absolute mess of an evening over with, I have decided that for the moment my money is better spent playing in some of our top online casinos at CasinoReview.org.  I have been on a little bit of a hot streak on the tables, sticking mostly to poker, and thank goodness for that, as my sportsbook wagering has been nothing but problematic for me recently. That being said though, being ever-the-optimist I will be back tomorrow with some more sportsbook wagers, seeing if I can’t undo my unlucky run. I certainly hope that for the rest of you who wagered this evening, your outcome was more fruitful than mine was! With my pride swallowed, I head to Sportsbook.com for some online casino gaming. If there is something that can cheer me up, it’s the thought of getting my money back playing a few of my favorite games on our featured online casinos.

On a parting note, if you haven’t been checking in on the NHL this week, or recently for that matter, now would certainly be a great time to do so. The playoff race is on, and there are so many great wagers to be placed for hockey action in our featured sportsbooks on CasinoReview.org.  Divisional rivalries are kicking into full swing as the NHL is certainly showing that it is not only the fastest professional game, but also filled with exciting young stars and well developed teams. I still can’t get over the fact that only 8 teams out of 30 have losing records! With so much balance, almost every game is guaranteed to be exciting and fun to wager on. So get out those wagers for tomorrow, and once again thank you so much for using CasinoReview.org for the best featured online sportsbooks and casinos that the internet has to offer.

Aaron G.