SuperBowl XLIII is finally here�have your sportsbook …

It’s Sunday marking the first day of the new month, and it’s the SuperBowl’s moment of glory�and there are rollercoasters to be ridden leading up to pregame! While I, amongst my other sports fan compatriots, prepare for this O’ holiest of sports days, it’s time for one last check in to make sure all of the sports fans out there have ventured to one of their favorite online sports betting site, and locked in their sportsbook bets for the game this afternoon. I for one am off to Magic Mountain before the game for some high flying fun with no lines (still to this day, one of the best ideas ever) so for the next few hours I hope to be twisting, looping, diving and ducking my butterflies for the game out of the picture. If it’s one day to saddle up to a big wager and put all your cards on the table, today (at least for yours truly) is definitely that day.

It’s a great time for sports betting fans to reflect on the NFL season, all the ups and downs, and all the wins and (hopefully not too many) losses betting on sports at the best online sportsbooks. It’s the first full season of betting on sports for NFL Football, and looking back at a better than even effort is something anyone can be proud of. Online sportsbook betting week in and week out certainly has its ups and downs, but you can rest assured that the learning process is exciting, and there is something to be learned every day of the week by getting down to best online sportsbooks and wagering on the day’s sports action. If this is a first time betting on sports for the SuperBowl, make sure to check out all the great stats pages, player and team breakdowns, and great sports writing available to shape and hone your online sports betting skills. For football, this always comes in handy to some degree�.especially when combined with a little bit of luck!

For a final thought before leaving: all previously listed regular season stats should go right out the window, in exchange for straight up comparisons of individual positions for the Super Bowl game today. Pittsburgh gets the nod as the favorite here, but I’d say the game is almost an even push leading up into game day. Both teams want this so badly, and they are almost there. Anyway you slice it, the final decision for how to place your bet(s) lies on the shoulders of the person placing the wager, be it with gut instinct, or well thought out investigation of game information. The one constant you will find is that has all the top sportsbooks found on the internet to place that wager with. If you haven’t already made your wagers for this Sunday, it is certainly time to start looking into it. With that, we wish you good luck wagering on Superbowl XLIII and have a great week ahead!

Aaron G.