Online sportsbook betting update for Tuesday

Typically for a Tuesday, there were only a handful of games being played throughout the various sports leagues that gave the online sports betting fan something to wager on. For a quick highlight of the day’s sports action, we first turn to the NBA which has quickly passed the season’s halfway point heading to All-Star Weekend. Boston and Philadelphia had an awesome showdown with the Celtics pulling out their 12th victory in a row with a 100-99 victory on the backs of a clutch three by superstar Ray Allen. and taking Boston’s very credible record of 41 wins and adding up only 9 losses so far this year. The Nuggets had a much easier time on Tuesday, with the Spurs sitting Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobli, with Denver gaining ground with a 104-96 win at home. To cap off the NBA, Yao Ming’s 28 led the way for the Houston Rockets over the visiting Bulls, and finally getting me a notch in the online sportsbook betting win column at (read the review of BetUS).

There was certainly some great wagering action to be had in hockey on Tuesday as well, with 11 games on tap for sports betting fans. In NHL hockey action of noteworthiness, the Pittsburgh Penguins could not live up to their cross town Steelers’ winning ways, and could not get out of their current funk as the Montreal Canadiens handed them a third straight loss with a 4-2 win. However, this certainly helped my two team parlay wager placed on (read the review of Players Only), which also included the Los Angeles Kings, who I still cannot believe I took over the Ottawa Senators (oh how the mighty have fallen from grace). Elsewhere, the Atlanta Thrashers rallied into OT to win in a shootout 2-1 against the New York Rangers, the Isles topped the Tampa Bay Lightning for a fourth straight win, and New Jersey got stomped on home ice facing the Washington Capitals who are on a tear this season. As with the NBA, the NHL is having a great turn for the playoffs, with many teams looking to establish their dominance. With 21 teams over .500 this year (and many right on the cusp) it should be a strong race from here on out, making for exciting wagering on’s featured online sports betting sites.

With Tuesday being a little slow around the world of sports, I took the opportunity to dive back into a couple of’s best online casinos to find some great wagering action. Going over to the poker room at, I found a bit of a streak on the Blackjack tables´┐Żand then took a bit of a hit, going down a few bucks. Licking my wounds, I tried my luck one more time on Tuesday, and headed to (read the review of for a little more casino action. While I recorded a few big pots, the cards weren’t falling in line for this writer, but I left breaking just about even for the evening. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a little more luck for me, and for all of you out there betting on sports at the top sportsbooks on the internet. We’ll see you tomorrow, and thank you again for checking in with us!

Aaron G.