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Wednesday is an especially good day for college hoops, with a number of great games on tap for sports betting fans to get involved with. I for one certainly could use an upswing in betting on sports, as the week to date hasn’t been as warm and inviting as I’d like it to bet (having lost 7 of 10 wagers placed on sports this week!). With 9 hockey games on tap, 12 NBA games, and a handful of good wagering choices in NCAA hoops, sports fans need to look no further for sports betting action than to travel to one of the best online sportsbooks featured on our site, take a few moments to decide the best wagers, and get ready for some great action all day and night for this Wednesday!

One notably good match-up today for NCAA basketball is in the ACC between the #5 Duke Blue Devils and the #3 North Carolina Tarheels, which is always one of the great match-ups of any given year. This year however, the Tarheels just have the upper hand, and could actually end up being the tournament champs at the end of the year. With a few players only forgoing the NBA draft for a shot at the NCAA Championship (ahem, Tyler Hansborough), the Tarheels will be next to impossible to beat, let alone by rival ACC team Duke. Also in Big Ten action today, #1 UConn plays host to #22 Syracuse, with the Huskies in the clear advantage, and also could be another team at the very top at the end of the tournament. If you haven’t yet had a chance to check out the Huskies and Hasheem Thabeet’s 7’3″ body work in the paint, you’re in for a real treat today! has great opportunities available for any type of sports enthusiast. With basketball leagues in full swing right now, you can guarantee some great sportsbook wagering, and plenty of excitement on the court. I for one have come back to watching and wagering on basketball, as the youthful talent developing in the leagues will provide great sports action for years to come. Until tomorrow, have a great Saturday, and remember to use our featured sportsbooks and online casinos for all your sports betting and good times in the casinos.

Aaron G.