Thursday features for sportsbook …

After splitting my wagers yesterday, and just barely breaking even in the poker rooms at, it’s time to move on, and there’s no better website to move on to than (read the review of for continued sportsbook betting on Thursday. I must tell you that although the monetary payoffs were not big for me last night, I did manage to play a number of table games and poker hands at this featured online casino, which was nothing but a good time. Getting in essentially three hours of casino play without it costing a dime can never be something to complain about. And besides, if I didn’t make any money last night, I bound to make some tonight, right? Well, I certainly can hope, and with some great games to choose from on our best online sportsbooks for Thursday, I am banking on a host of wagers to boost my bank account, and fund another trip to the card tables.

First off for the day is the action in the NCAA. Expect a wild game between Pac-10 greats #11 Arizona State and #21Washington, with Washington being tough to beat at home. I’m banking on the Huskies to cover the points, and have gone onto one of my favorite online sportsbooks at, and included #14 Wake Forest over N.C. State just to slide another wager in. Purdue and Michigan square off in what could be an interesting match-up, with Michigan being a little underrated and a potential money maker for betting on sports. Make sure that if you’re going to bet on sports tonight, you check out a few favorable-looking wagers on NCAA Basketball.

Elsewhere in sports action, there are just a few NBA games (i.e. two), but those games happen to be great match-ups to checkout. As well as the always exciting NHL, which will have some good wagering opportunities for fans, the Cavaliers vs. Rockets, and the Suns vs. Lakers games will be solid sports action for you to watch and wager on. With the Lakers in Los Angeles tonight, the Suns stand no chance, and I’m counting on a big victory from the Lakers hopefully give me some hometown love on the sportsbooks. Last time I wagered on the Lakers at home was a long forgotten loss, so I figure that this time they owe me a win! Or at least to beat the points they are given´┐ŻFor both the NBA and NHL, there are a number of great wagering opportunities to be had at our featured sportsbooks at I hope that you can find a winner tonight, as there are some tough calls out there, and that your wagers turn into hard cash in your online accounts. So good night, and good luck, and we’ll catch you again tomorrow.

Aaron G.