Media day hypes up Super Bowl XLIV, sports betting action …

As we grow ever nearer to the final game of the NFL’s 2009-10 campaign, sports fans get treated to an interesting spectacle known as Media Day in Miami, where the players, coaches, and various staff from both teams get inundated with questions and share more humorous moments with the public before the seriousness of the game really begins to take hold. I for one always love a good Media Day, as although it’s all about bringing hype to the game taking place on Sunday, there’s always a good laugh to be had, and interesting side stories all around. With just a few days left before the Super Bowl gets underway between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints, now is as good a time as any to head down to one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, and place your wager on the game. With two great Quarterbacks leading the interest of the press corp, undoubtedly the actual game will also focus on Drew Brees and Peyton Manning, and I for one smell a shoot out come Sunday!

However, with the action for today alive and well in the NBA and NCAA for basketball, as well as a few games in the NHL, and a touch of English Premier League and English League Championship matches to throw in the mix, sports fans can head to one of the top sports betting sites, and find a whole host of great games to watch and wager on today. For starters, we’re heading today to one of the best online sportsbooks, at for our betting, and the games in the NBA take a center stage, with a number of interesting match-ups to wager on. With heavily favorite teams all over the place today, there’s nothing more enjoyable than taking out a few parlay wagers, lumping in a bunch of teams and taking a gamble with a few small money options. The most solid wagers available include the Cavaliers over the Grizzlies, The Magic at home over the Bucks and both the Rockets and Bulls to win respectively against Golden State and the Los Angeles Clippers. Tough calls include the Detroit Pistons at New Jersey (with New Jersey coming so close to it’s 5th win of the year last night!) as Detroit is awful playing away and could actually fall to the worst team in the league, as well as the Pacers who host a shaky road team in the Toronto Raptors.

NCAA Basketball also has a few fun match-ups for betting on sports, including #5 Michigan State vs. #16 Wisconsin in Badger territory, as well as #3 Kentucky against pesky Mississippi, and #2 Villanova facing Seton Hall. In the ACC check out Miami vs. Wake, in a battle of two of the better teams currently not in the Top 25. Wake needs a win at home to stay in contention for the ACC title, and Miami likely will put up a good fight, even though on the road against the Demon Deacons. For the final few wagers of the day, check into NHL Hockey, featuring great games such as the Washington Capitals vs. the Boston Bruins, the Canucks vs. Canadiens, and the Detroit Red Wings vs. the San Jose Sharks. With action like this every day at the best online sportsbook at, add a dose of excitement to your daily routine, and hopefully come out a winner today!

Aaron G.