Monday’s online sports betting action at

After what was one of the best Superbowls that I have personally laid witness to finishing up yesterday, it’s time to bid a fond farewell to yet another season of NFL football, and look forward to continuing online sports betting action on Monday! For today, the various sports betting websites around the net will be featuring a small handful of games to wager on, starting off with NBA basketball which hosts 3 games to get your betting going today. For Monday, we take another visit to one of the newer members of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here at, at the Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). A new addition yes, but a rock-solid, very easy to use website indeed! has struck our collective fancies with a simple interface, easy betting options, and great bonuses across all their various properties including the sportsbook, casino, poker rooms, and horse track betting sites. We’ve been a fan of this site from the get-go, so try your luck out at this new destination today, and see what all our fuss has been about!

To start off the wagers, NBA basketball has a couple of great games in store, including the match-up between the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as the New Orleans Hornets heading to Orlando to take on the Magic. The Dallas Mavericks get a lucky draw in tonight’s game against the struggling Golden State Warriors, and being a solid road team, should have no problem in the Bay Area this evening. For the Lakers vs. Spurs, LA looks for their 25th win at home this year, and 40th win of the season coming before the All-Star Break. A little shaky on the road, but always solid on home court, count on the Lakers to grab a win tonight, and cover the points at -4 today. I like Dallas with only a -4 point spread as well, but the tough call will be on the New Orleans game, as they are a 9 point underdog, on account of the missing star Chris Paul. The Hornets have struggled this year on the road anyways, and against the Magic it’s a tough call for the Hornets to meet that 9 point spread. Nonetheless, I’m going for them to keep it close enough tonight, in a parlay wager including all NBA games in store for online sports betting.

For College Hoops tonight, fans have a big treat in store for them for watching and sports betting, as #1 Kansas travels to take on former #1 (currently #10) ranked Texas. #1 ranked teams have really struggled on the road against ranked opponents this year, however with a 2 point favor, I have to go with Kansas in this one, as they are a much better road team than the likes of Texas. Expecting this to go down to the wire, or possibly even into OT, take your best stab at a wager today. The money line looks good to take Texas (+135), but the smart bet may be to play it safe, and go with Kansas (-115). In further NCAA action, check out the other game pitting two top ten teams, between #6 West Virginia, and #2 Villanova. Having huge implications for the Big East, and also one of the biggest road tests for ‘Nova, you won’t want to miss out on tonight’s game. With a further 5 games in the NHL tonight, while there may be a very select group of games for online sports betting, the action will be exciting nonetheless, so check out, and get into the fun today!

Aaron G.