Plenty of great action for betting on sports on Wednesday …

The middle of the week comes with great fan fare, as today happens to be one of the better line-ups for betting on sports this week, including games across English Premier League Soccer, NBA and NCAA basketball, and NHL Hockey for online sports betting fun! With so much action in store today, there’s little time to be dilly-dallying around, so we’ll cut to the chase and break down all the exciting action in store at the best online sportsbooks reviewed right here. For starters, we’ll start off the wagering for the day at another of the tried and true websites, at sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). The first sportsbook yours truly ever signed up for, you can count on this website being a solid choice for any day’s action online. For today, we’ll break the action off right with a few parlay wagers on NBA basketball, out of the 10 games featured for betting on sports.

For starters, check into the Atlanta Hawks vs. Miami Heat, as the former team has run into some injury problems that may even this match-up out today (as Miami is undoubtedly not a very great road team). Other good games to check out include the Celtics traveling to face the New Orleans Hornets, in what should be a closely contested game tonight. With games featuring the Lakers vs. Jazz, Trail Blazers at Suns and Magic at the Bulls, NBA basketball will be a great starting or ending point to round out your day of online sportsbook bets. In further sports betting action on basketball, there are 51 total games in NCAA action, including #3 Syracuse hosting Connecticut, #7 Duke vs. North Carolina (of note, UNC has fallen to 2-6 in conference, a first), and #16 Ohio State vs. Indiana. With basketball alive and well for Wednesday, take a trip to the Sportsbook, place your bets for all the excitement in store for later this evening, and hopefully come away a winner!

Closing out the betting options on another fine day of online sportsbook betting, check out the action in English Premier League Soccer, as Arsenal squares up with Liverpool, Aston Villa gets Manchester United, and Everton faces a tough draw against Chelsea. With the top teams in the league playing today, there will definitely be even more excitement for European Football today, so get your wagers lined up now as the games will be starting in just an hour or two! Find all this great action and more every day at, and all the best online sports betting sites featured at Enjoy the games, enjoy the excitement of betting on sports, and we’ll see you again soon!

Aaron G.