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As we move forward towards another weekend, once more we pick another of the best online sportsbooks we’ve reviewed for a couple of the best wagers available, in the hopes that a profitable day today will make for a bit of cushioning towards future weekend wagers, as well as the inevitable money spent on overpriced bar drinks and the likely late night food rendezvous on Friday and Saturday night. For Thursday’s best bets, a nice little scattering of online sports betting options will be available across a few different sporting leagues, including NBA and NCAA basketball which features a handful of games apiece, as well as NHL Hockey picks for those who are fans of the fastest game around. For our featured sports betting picks, today’s action starts with wagers on basketball, and those wagers will be placed at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed, at the sportsbook (read the review of Another one of the first additions to our fine crop of the top sportsbooks reviewed on the web, BetUs Sportsbook has always been a time-proven favorite, and always has the best action and a great website to do your sports betting at. If it’s your first day running across, waste no more time and click through to begin the excitement at their website!

For basketball today the NBA has a short list of just 3 games, but as usual those 3 highlighted match-ups always feature at least a couple of contests worth a shot at betting on, and at least one great nationally televised match-up to add to the excitement of placing a wager at a top online sportsbook. Looking first and foremost to the best contest of the day between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics, we’ll keep a close eye on this one, especially as there is a good likelihood that Ray Allen will become the NBA record holder for the most 3-pointers made in history. Worth checking in just to see one of my former Seattle Supersonics greats make his mark, we’ll look for solid defensive play to be the name of the game tonight, with a very likely NBA Finals preview taking place in this contest. With the presence of Andrew Bynum added in with Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom and starting to click together, Boston will need to assert itself on both the offensive and defensive boards in order to pull out a victory at home. However without key big O’Neal’s Shaquille and Jermaine, the nod for the match-up goes to Los Angeles, and we’ll take the Lakers on the road with the spread in the first wager of the day.

Moving on to the next big match-up, look for quite the opposite in terms of scoring, as when good teams collide in Denver, there’s bound to be lots of points scored. The Dallas Mavericks march into Pepsi Center amidst the drama of the Carmelo Anthony trade rumors, looking to build on their already impressive 10-game win streak. No doubt Denver will look to quash the streaking Mavs, but once again we’re looking towards the visiting team as a better defensive squad in this game, and taking the Mavericks to win, with a further good look for the over bet on total points as both teams will likely be in triple figures with ease. Lastly, look for one additional wagering option in the NBA as Phoenix hosts Golden State, as the Suns try to get back to .500 ball on the year, playing much better defense, but hosting a Warriors team coming in hot with 4 of 5 wins (their only loss in that stretch to the Suns, coincidentally). Golden State however struggles on the road, and with Phoenix heating up and always playing their best ball at home, we’ll take the Suns as the favorite on the spread here as well. Wrapping up basketball picks at BetUs Sportsbook, we’ll turn to Top 25 action in NCAA basketball, with now-unranked Illinois hitting to road against #21 Minnesota, a tough road test for #9 UConn as they head into a match-up with upset-minded St. Johns, and a solid SEC clash as #24 Vanderbilt takes on Alabama, who sits currently with only one loss in conference play this season. Check out the lines on these great match-ups and a few more on NCAA hoops today, and get ready for another exciting night of hoops action all around.

With another great day of NHL hockey featuring 5 games, make sure to peruse the offerings found at, including the games between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Los Angeles Kings, the Philadelphia Flyers hosting Carolina, and the surging Buffalo Sabres traveling to meet with the Florida Panthers. It’s always a great day to throw in a wager or two on NHL Hockey, as it is and always will be one of the fastest sports in the world providing hard-hitting action and great playmaking. With plenty of great choices for betting on sports at the top sportsbook at BetUs Sportsbook, check out Thursday’s action right now, enjoy another one of the best online sports betting sites around, and as always good luck!

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