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On this glorious corporate holiday we call Valentine’s Day, which is oh-so-subtly aimed at capitalizing on one person’s relationship to another by suggesting the purchase of various perishable pink and red items, we instead take a different tact, and put our money into something that may at least in turn reap a profit to offset the gratuitous spending needed to have a successful showing with the significant other on this day. While I may sound like a poor-sport for this romantic holiday and ‘missing the point’, I choose to think of myself as more the opportunistic, rational type; if caught up in the V-day hooplah, one needs a bit of extra cash to account for the flowers, wine, dinner, etc. What better way to offset a certain loss of capital, by having a bit of fun and excitement betting on sports, and hopefully coming up a winner? Now of course there is always the risk of not turning any profit whatsoever, however think of today as a way to treat not only your loved ones, but also yourself! As such, we’re making sure to put aside some extra cash for online sports betting at the sportsbook (read the review of, In the hopes of planting enough extra dough in the wallet before having to burn right through it. So here’s to another day of forced spending, but first, a shot at the opportunities presented at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here, including contests in NBA and NCAA Basketball, NHL Hockey, and even a few European Soccer matches to boot.

Starting off the quest for the best options for online sportsbook betting today, we turn to the NBA, featuring a small collection of 6 games spread from coast to coast. With the first match-up of the day, we’re looking to the Los Angeles Lakers match-up with the Charlotte Hornets, where the latter team has had a strange dominance over the reigning champions from last season. The Bobcats have won their last 8 of 10 against the Lakers, one of only two teams (including Boston) that the Lakers have a losing record against, and standing tall at home looms all the more advantage towards a blossoming Charlotte team under coach Paul Silas. We’ll stick with history on this first wager of the day, and go with Charlotte on the spread to win, and put a halt to the strong start the Lakers have had on their recent road trip. Next up on the NBA docket, check out the Houston Rockets vs. Denver Nuggets, with a likely high-scoring, defense-absent contest with the advantage always going to the home team whenever Denver plays on the road. Losing 5 of their last 6 makes any wager on Denver tough in this one today, so we’ll stay conservative, and pull for a Houston win at home, covering the points spread at Looking to a few other bets in pro basketball, Portland seeks its 16th straight win against Minnesota on the road tonight, Atlanta should outmuscle Detroit on the road, the Los Angeles Clippers should make for a close match-up as they visit Milwaukee, and the San Antonio Spurs look primed to pull out another road win at New Jersey in a lopsided match-up, racking up a strong run towards the All-Star break ahead.

With a couple of Top 25 teams in action for NCAA Basketball, look to the first interesting match-up as newly-#1 Kansas crosses the State to meet up with Jacob Pullen and the Kansas State Wildcats, a team that has plundered from the highest ranks of the league and badly needs a quality win to stay relevant for the NCAA Tournament this year. The road is a fickle beast this season for the Top 25, and while I can’t fully back a Wildcats upset, this game should be a lot closer than what is expected, as KSU badly needs a win and will be fighting with everything they have. Therefore, we’re backing Kansas State to cover the points as underdog, but Kansas should eek out the win on the road and retain their #1 status going forward. On to the second Top 25 in action, #20 Syracuse looks to fend off West Virginia today, on their home court which has not seemed like much of an advantage over the course of the year. However, with Syracuse’s 2-3 zone defense able to contain any inside threats, and with WVU susceptible to the turnover and not extremely adept at the 3-point ball, the Orangemen should pick up a solid win today as a do-or-die game at home (where they’ve lost 3 in a row already). As we move quickly towards March Madness, look for the top teams in the league to begin playing with much more intensity and focus, and great match-ups to come as conference play heats up to a boiling point.

In a few remaining picks for betting on sports at, we turn to the NHL, featuring 3 games perfect for a little parlay action. First up, the Vancouver Canucks hit the road to face the St. Louis Blues, in a great match-up between two top-tier goalies Roberto Luongo and Jaroslav Halak. With these two favorites of mine between the pipes, the under wager on total points at 5.5 is the call for this match-up. Moving on to the Calgary vs. Colorado game, the Avs keep slip-sliding away from any playoff chances as they find themselves at even .500 for the season, meanwhile the Calgary Flames have surged from a lackluster start of the season to the second place standing (albeit distant) and in line to battle for an eight-seed for the upcoming playoffs. Behind a resurgent Jerome Iginla, and a better playing Mikka Kiprusoff in net, look for Calgary to hand the Avs their 8th straight loss as they plummet to into obscurity. Checking out the last game of the night in the NHL, the Phoenix Coyotes look to build on an impressive 4 game winning streak, as they host the Washington Capitals, with a confident Ilya Bryzgalov fully capable of shutting down any attacking line right now. While hedging a lot on good goaltending for NHL wagers, its proven effective especially when considering teams already on an uptrend, and can net you some good money on one of the tougher sports to wager on. With today’s bets placed, look for a great evening of competition (if you have time to break from your romantic obligations), and get set for another great week of great online sports betting at the top sports betting sites reviewed right here!

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