Batting .500 for New Year’s

College bowl games are a crazy time indeed. If anyone caught the Rose Bowl today, you no doubt saw a great match-up between USC and Michigan, as well as some star performances, mostly by players in red and yellow jerseys. I took my first bet using and picked over on the point spread at 47. Watching the game and seeing 6 points on the board at half, I pretty much had the whole thing blown. However, as the defenses slowed, and touchdowns began to be as common as first downs, my patience for staying with the game paid off and my 20 dollar bet came through with two points to spare. Whew�.makes up for (and more) that underdog bet that got busted up. I had to try just for fun!

So my first trial on my new featured sportsbook was a profitable one. I had decided since this site was under the umbrella with I would also take some action on their website for the other bowl games being played today. As we speak, Boise State is ahead of Oklahoma 28-20 in the 4th Quarter and OU just burned their final timeout. I’m backing the BSU Broncos straight up, so that makes me a happy camper. Also, Auburn and West Virginia pulled through a nice two team parlay for me earlier this afternoon, which means I have plenty of fuel to hit the online casinos later on. The folks running and have great sportsbooks, and casinos, even if I have been generally lucky on their sites and my opinion is a little biased because of it. Their customer support, prompt payouts, and firm reputation make them an immediate initial candidate to take your bets on all sports, and across a number of casino games and wagering types.

So I’m signing off of and heading over to to play some poker. I haven’t used their tables and I am eager to cash in on some poker play. This week I will also be starting my playoff betting for the NFL, and the one bet you can be sure I won’t be wagering is on my Seahawks, even though they are at home. I also know that Dallas just got beat by Detroit though. Maybe I’ll just take the points…at any rate there are some good bets to be had on football right now, and a few big bowl games left (including the college football national championship). Oh my god. Boise State just gave up the lead, and on 4th and 18 completed a pass and lateral for a TD and a tie game. We’re going to overtime! I’ll tell you this; this is what makes online betting fun. A great football game that normally wouldn’t matter either way to me is as exciting as possible now that I have a little something riding on it. Catch me tomorrow if you can, I’m going to watch the rest of this game!

Aaron G.