Betting on Orange, and a Few NFL Playoff Games

Tonight’s BCS game matching up Louisville and Wake Forest is no doubt a good one. Hopefully you were able to scout out your favorite online sportsbooks and place your bets in time, because now into the 4th Quarter, the Orange Bowl has been non-stop, back-and-forth excitement, and I’m sure glad that I’ve got a little riding on it (I took Louisville straight up and it’s looking good now). For the game wagering, I went back to the first site I signed up with using as a reference point. The site at has proved to be outstanding, and I like going back to their online sportsbook and casino with quite a bit of frequency. I am a guy who likes a clean site, and readily available betting options to choose from. The sportsbook at is especially good, and brings up convenient categories of sports to choose from, then displays a well laid out table which includes all types of betting that can be wagered on a given match-up. Again, they are also about the best in the business in customer service and support.

Now I had previously stated that I wouldn’t be betting on my home team this week for the NFL playoffs. That has turned out to be a big lie. I was going through some of our featured sites, and looking over lines for the first weekend of the NFL playoffs, and decided that I would place a bet on my ‘Hawks over the Cowboys this weekend. I hopped over to, and now I’m taking the Seahawks on the line at -2.5 points. I’m a sucker, I will admit. However, I really like using, especially because they have been one of the few sites to offer daily sports news updated in the sportsbook section, classified by individual sport. That’s pretty cool in my book, so I couldn’t resist throwing a little action their way.

My last item of business for tonight will be playing some table games over at I have decided to venture out of my standard Black Jack and Texas Hold ‘Em fix, and play a few slots and roulette, just to mix it up. Plus, seeing that offers a 100% bonus matching your deposit (above 25 bucks), I couldn’t resist taking up the offer. I would also like to say that has a great website in terms of design, well laid out, and has a multitude of gaming options for all types of bettors. Aesthetics certainly aren’t everything, but they definitely exude a feeling of quality and security. I like that in an online sportsbook and casino.

Tomorrow I’ll be placing my bet for the BCS national championship, and maybe a few more NFL playoff games. I wouldn’t be surprised if I get sucked into a few hockey bets here and there, as it’s been a little while since I’ve placed wagers on the ice. Make sure to place your bets for the remaining bowl games and the NFL playoffs. It’s promising to be some exciting gaming action. Thanks again for using for information on all your favorite online sportsbook and casino websites, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

Aaron G.