The Sugar Bowl Turns Salty, I go to the Casino

For all of you who had the chance to see the first half of the Sugar Bowl this year, pitting Notre Dame vs. LSU, you saw a well-matched game that had the potential to be a classic. Unfortunately for Notre Dame (and for the 10 bucks I had riding on ND, call me crazy) the second half turned into a Irish slaughter fest as LSU scored 27 unanswered points to win 41-14. Ouch.  So I licked my wounds a little bit, and decided to take a trip back to the tables for some Texas Hold ‘Em action at Now I would freely admit that this website is my comfort zone when it comes to online sportsbooks and casinos. I love the large amounts of tables, offering all ranges of competition as well as a number of wagering amounts to choose from. This could be my overall favorite site we have listed on I am, of course totally unbiased with the 35 bucks I won last night at the tables on

My journey through the featured online sportsbooks and casinos we have here has taken me through a number of very good, if not the very best, options for the online gambler. As I continue to venture into new sites that I have yet to try, I have stumbled over another site at, which has also been a winner in terms of initial impression. The website design and quick access to wagering lines was an instant hit to me.  Now I will attest that the 10% bonus for initial deposit was a bit weak compared with our other sites, however, there is a plethora of other bonus opportunities throughout the week that very few other sites offer to online players.  Nonetheless, I signed up over the weekend, and now have the opportunity to place some bets after my deposit has gone through. My first bet on is going to be to take the over on the point spread for the Indy vs. Kansas City game at 51 points. I am almost tempted to take the Chiefs on the money, but betting against Peyton Manning is just about unthinkable (unless you took the Texans against them, in that case you are an absolute genius or completely out of your mind).

So I patiently await the BCS championship game out in the desert of Arizona.  This should be a really good match-up, with two very good quarterbacks and high-powered offensive attacks. I have decided to take the Gators, solely because I am not an Ohio State fan. THE Ohio State is going down (I am only partly telling the truth, because I took the spread at 7.5 points)! I hopped over to to place my bet and also decided to take the overall points at 46, mostly because I watched the Michigan/Ohio State game earlier this year, where about 100 points were put up. With my fingers crossed and my bets placed, there is no turning back now. I hope that you will be able to tune into the Championship game this week, and hopefully you have placed you bets on one of our featured sportsbooks here on




Aaron G.