Weekend can’t come soon enough? I Head to the …

So it’s Thursday, and this week officially can’t go any slower. I guess that’s what happens when you place all your bets at the beginning of the week, and you just started back to work after a long vacation, and you are working 6 days this week? Oh well, only two more days until the first game of the NFL playoffs, and oh, how the anticipation for seeing your home team in the playoffs is exciting! To keep myself busy, I have ventured away from the sports books for a short while and hit up some of the poker rooms and gaming tables on some of our featured internet casinos. Now I freely admit that I have only played in a few casinos that we have featured on www.CasinoReview.org (what can I say, I’m a sports nut!), but the ones that I have played have been an enjoyable time and I have actually made a decent amount of money.

Now there are people that like a wide array of casino options to choose from, and there are others that would just like to have a straightforward, easily accessible website for just playing Texas Hold ‘Em for long periods of time. I could call myself a little of both, since I am afforded the luxury of a little experimentation from time to time, but generally like to keep my casino betting to games I have at least a little control over. I did manage to get a look into www.Sportsbook.com’s new European Roulette feature, and found that a great time can be had if you lose your control a little and test your luck. I’m just happy that I managed to break about even (actually one whole dollar won last night!). I also felt that I should spend some time over at www.VIP.com, since I have a lot of money to bet before I can reap my 100% bonus. The 100 bucks I put down at deposit¬† amounts to 200 bucks into my casino account, which¬† should go a long way, if not only for the fact that I have been known to play a little tight on the tables. Since I play a lot just for the content in these articles, this free money will be mine in no time.

Tomorrow is Friday, and no matter what, that is a good thing. I’m going to kill some time until then scouring over a few more of our featured online sportsbooks and casinos and see if I can’t find some fun new stuff. First and foremost, I’m back to www.Betonusa.com to play the ol’ faithful Texas Hold ‘Em. If there is one game for this gambler, it’s Texas Hold ‘Em. Wish me luck and hopefully we’ll see you back on www.CasinoReview.org tomorrow where you can find tons of information on online sportsbooks, casinos and other wagering games.






Aaron G.