Placing my Weekend Bets, Anxiously Awaiting Playoff Games

Hello one and all and happy Friday to you from! Now if you read my previous article, I spoke of some casino action that I was planning on getting into yesterday on  I am so excited to report that I did very well at the tables last night, and have gone all out for the NFL playoffs with the extra change in my pocket? Well, not exactly, since the money I won is still in my casino account, but I’ll put some aside so that I can justify betting on all the playoff games scheduled for this weekend. Tomorrow is going to be the start of a great playoff season, I can just feel it! I set aside a new bet on a few more of our sportsbooks we have featured here so I have a little going on all games, making the action that much more exciting. I also say so much for not betting on my home team, as I’m taking not one bet but two on my Hawks, and praying for rain. The 2.5 point line for Seattle is too good to pass up.

My next wager that I have placed for the weekend was over at I haven’t run parlay bet for the playoffs yet, so I’ve decided to go with a nice little three team parlay, taking the Pats, the Chiefs and the Eagles to win their respective games.  I am confident that the Pats and Eagles will be victorious, and I’m counting on the strong running of Larry Johnson and the terrible rush defense of the Colts to pull through for me. We’ll just have to wait and see about that.  It’s only for a small five dollar amount, but this should make for an interesting and exciting game day on Sunday for me. To coincide with this bet, I have taken the same three teams in a separate bet over on Yeah, so I’m nuts, and I like to gamble. It’s what I do!  In this bet however I have chosen to take the line on the same three games. I’ve got the Jets to get inside 8.5 points, the Giants inside of 7, and since I’m taking the Chiefs to win, I’m taking them to cover as well.

Needless to say, I’ve got my hands full, and have to have a pad of paper next to me while I watch the games and write this article. So what? The NFL playoffs come around once a year (not to mention college bowl season) and I’m not going to miss out on the excitement this year. I spent last year sans access to television and I’m making up for it.  In the last week I have gone though every single online casino and sportsbook we have to offer, and either played in the casinos and/or placed and bet of some type on each one.  I still cannot even describe how much fun I’m having. has some very high quality sportsbooks and casinos for you, hands down, across the board. I’m signing off, and wish you a pleasant Friday night. Get your bets placed for this weekend if you haven’t already, and have a good time watching the playoffs, because I know I will!





Aaron G.