Win some, lose some?Sportbooks always make for a good time

Happy Saturday from! I hope that you were all fortunate enough to catch tonight’s NFL Playoff games, because if you were, you saw some surprising results, and generally sloppy play. Since I had placed bets on each of the two games played today, naturally my entire day was spent attentively glued to the ‘tube. Now I normally wouldn’t condone this type of behavior (wink, wink) but the Playoffs only come around once a year, right? Besides, I needed something to do to kill the anticipation of getting to see my home team in the playoffs. The first NFL game today busted me up a little on my wagers placed on two of our featured sportstbooks. Kansas City, needless to say, did not come through in the clutch, and Mr. Larry Johnson got shut down in a surprising display of stingy defensive play by the Indianapolis Colts. I thought that Peyton Manning would be the difference, and he ended up throwing three picks. Wouldn’t you think that the Chiefs, with their offensive attack and three picks could at least come within touchdown of the Colts today? 23-8?  Two of my bets went down in flames, just like that.

That’s no big deal, because the night game between the Seahawks and the Chiefs made my whole week, even if process of that win was not so pretty. Call it a gift, call it the ugliest win ever, but my ‘Hawks advance regardless, and that’s good enough for anyone who has a team they call home. In the process of the Seahawks just barely winning, my trip to wasn’t a successful one this time, but you can bet I’ll be back, because I’m still playing with bonus money I received!  I just wish that maybe the Seahawks could have squeaked out 3 points for me?there, that’s all I’m saying about that. I only placed smaller sized bets, and made sure that I have plenty to spare for future play, which is especially good now since I need to get some of my credibility back after getting snubbed on my wagers.

So I’m off to play a few hands tonight and see if my luck won’t change at the blackjack tables on I haven’t played this game in a while, so it should make for a good time. Their casino is very much worth checking out, if not just for the fact that they have a selection that includes nearly 20 different table games to choose from.  If you are curious about trying out a new game that you haven’t tried before, definitely check this online casino out.  You won’t go wrong with any of the featured sportsbooks and casinos we have for you on, but sets the bar for simplicity of use, has tons of features to choose your favorite games, not to mention a 15 year reputation for impeccable security, and outstanding customer support. Check this site out, see if you like it, and I’ll see you again tomorrow, with more news about Sunday’s NFL games, and visits to our featured online sportsbooks and casinos. Thanks for reading, and checking out our featured websites we have for you at





Aaron G.