BCS Championship Game, More online Casino action

Thank you for checking in with us at www.CasinoReview.org for all your sportsbook and online casino needs! If you were able to catch last night’s BCS championship game, pitting the Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the Florida Gators, you most likely were as surprised as this writer was with the outcome. In shocking fashion, the Gators dismantled the Buckeyes, powered primarily by the Heisman Trophy winner Troy Smith, holding him to less than 30 yards of total offense, with a final score of 41-14. Ouch. Now I will admit that seeing the devastated Ohio State fans crying, then slowly trickling out of the stadium was a sad sight indeed however, as I had placed my wager on Florida to win, I certainly was not feeling as bad as they must have.  On the heels of my wagering victory (which was desperately needed, as I took a beating in the NFL playoffs) I decided to go and check out one of the few remaining casinos featured by our website that I have yet to experience.

My first experience on our featured casino at www.Win4Real.com was a little different than on the other sites here. Mostly, what I expected to be a standard, straight forward casino website, turned out to be more of a ride through a cartoon! The strange, and multicolored layout of Win4Real.com looked more like a kids video game than a place to play some poker, bet on horse races, or pull the slot handle a few times. That being said, this site shouldn’t be taken at that face value. This site is a fully legitimized gambling institution with over 15 years in the business, and features all the great options as any other featured site on www.CasinoReview.org. I was actually impressed with the ease of navigation throughout the site (even if a couple features are currently being reconstructed and can’t be used at the moment) and the games offered, ranging from Blackjack to Video Poker offer plenty of options for anyone who likes choice in casino gaming options. As soon as I get through the initial deposit and introductory phase, I will get gaming on this site, and hopefully get into some of the comps and awards offered on www.Win4Real.com.

Tomorrow will start the first wager placed for the second round of the NFL playoffs. Since I had a bad showing in the first week, you can guarantee that I will fully utilize our featured sportsbooks to gather all the information I can about each team, each playing condition for game time, and anything else I can get my hands on. If you plan to do some wagering on these four games, it might be wise to do the same. Our featured sportbooks at www.CasinoReview.org offers players a mountain of direct knowledge for betting, if you dig around a little bit. So far, I have found that www.Sportsbook.com, www.Sportsbetting.com, and www.Intertops.com, have an amazing amount of pre-game betting information to go off of. Check out these sites, and accurately place your bets for what will be exciting weekend for the NFL indeed!





Aaron G.