More NFL playoff bets, a night of great sports action first and foremost would like to thank you for using our website for all your sportsbook and online casino needs, and for checking in with our daily articles. After a wild weekend of NFL playoffs and the National Championship handed out, officially concluding the college football season, Tuesday looked like one of those boring days where nothing exciting would happen. However to my surprise, a shift away from football brought exciting action elsewhere. If today you found yourself a sports junkie without a fix, you could look no further than some great hockey games, NCAA basketball, as well as the NBA, all of which had an exciting night’s schedule prepared for those suffering from a lack football options. The Detroit Red Wings and the Colorado Avalanche played a great game, going to shootout before the ‘Wings finally won. Speaking of winning, the Clemson NCAA basketball just tallied their 17th win of the season, currently undefeated in a tough ACC league. Also, a good game between LSU and Alabama, as well as a few NBA games rounded out a solid night of sports action.


The one thing on my mind still today was to place a wager in one of our sportsbooks to kick off the second round of the NFL playoffs. My first stop took me over to, where I placed an initial bet on the strong match-up between the San Diego Chargers and the New England Patriots. has an amazing array of information and stats available for players’ use, which ranges from injury reports, to real-time updating of any major sports news. Needless to say, I was impressed with their services and after crunching a few numbers, I am now taking the Chargers on the money line. I promised myself that I would wait until later in the week to start parlay betting, or any other questionable play, and first take who I thought would win outright in San Diego. This game would go either way on a neutral playing field, however with the Charger’s home field advantage the Pats are going to have to use all their playoff magic to beat what I consider to be the most well-rounded football team in the league.


If there is something that can be learned today about sports for this writer, it is that football isn’t (entirely) everything. There are great sports match-ups just about every day of the week, every week of the year. For wagering enthusiasts, there is an endless stream of action for you, especially when you have a multitude of sportsbooks and casinos to choose from, as we have for you on Do yourself a favor and try something new that you normally wouldn’t find yourself betting on. Check out some NHL Hockey, or place a bet or two on NCAA or NBA basketball this week. This may merely be another written memo for myself, however, I have found that getting out of one’s betting comfort zone can be an exciting and enlightening experience (if you use the vast resources available at most sportsbooks). So place those bets, and find something new at our featured sportsbooks and casinos today. I promise that you won’t be disappointed, and you may find yourself enjoying a game you normally wouldn’t watch or bet on otherwise. Until tomorrow, take care and happy betting to you!





Aaron G.