Playing Online Casinos, with one more NFL Playoff bet added

Today has been a day for online casinos. offers over 10 high quality online casinos for it’s users to peruse, and this writer has decided to take the day off from the sportsbooks (for the most part) and have some fun on a couple of our featured casinos. While I’m definitely a regular sportsbook kind of person, a change of pace from my typical and constant sportsbook wagering seemed a necessary one. Don’t get me wrong, I still managed to squeeze in one NFL Playoff today, if not mostly because I have planned to bet on every second round playoff game. was my first contact with our featured online sportsbooks and casinos, and I am still impressed with the service and quality offered by this site. With that in mind, I took a quick jaunt into their sporstbook, dropped my bet to take Philadelphia to cover the spread at +5. I dropped a simple ten dollar bet on the game and then headed for the casino.


Now, if you are unaware of how much bonus money can be received at some of our online casinos, you owe it to yourself to take a look around to determine the best use of your money. Fortunately for me, I jumped directly from the sportsbook at and into their casino, where my previous deposit netted me a 100% bonus match. This is not an uncommon occurrence across many of our featured sites, as the competition for players online is high across sportsbooks and online casinos. While I encourage users to read the fine print and find out how much you must wager before reaping the actual cash benefits of bonuses, the fact that you are given 100% extra money to play with should be encouragement enough to sign up and start playing. Bonuses will range from 10% to 100%, so choose your best option to get as much bonus money and make your casino experience last as long as possible.


As you may or may not know, Texas Hold ‘Em has always been my table game of choice in our featured online casinos, whenever it is made available. As such, certain table games are offered at some casinos, and not at others (which is why for me I normally frequent, with their excellent card tables for no limit, and limit Texas Hold ‘Em).  If you have a specific game you like to play, find out first what featured websites offer your game of choice, then figure out how much extra cash you can make off bonuses offered, and what site has the best options and features for you. Everyone is different, and every website featured on contains something different for every type of player. Go out and find your niche, and have a great time playing in some of our featured online casinos, and make sure to check back with us tomorrow.





Aaron G.