Get your Sports bets ready for an exciting weekend!

Well folks, we at are proud to say that the weekend is finally here, and the second round of playoffs is only a few hours away. If you are like me and haven’t yet placed your bets for the first two games on Saturday, you will definitely want to head over to one of our featured sportsbooks to find out where your wagers should go. The first game on Saturday matches the ever-strong Indianapolis Colts against the defensive juggernaut of the Baltimore Ravens. If you have already had time to check over the lines at some of our featured sportsbooks, you would have noticed that Baltimore is favored on every website, banking on their strong defensive play, and conversely the relatively poor defense of the Colts to set the wagering lines. However, with the ball in Peyton Manning’s hands, this writer can’t actively bet against Indianapolis in any playoff situation. So for compromise, I hopped over to and place a wager taking the Colts on the line at 3.5 points, which hopefully will be enough to get me a win.

The second game of the day features the Philadelphia Eagles marching in New Orleans to face the Saints, who definitely have something to prove. This should make for a very good game considering the previous meeting between these two teams during the regular season ended right down at the wire. Now I have already placed a bet for this game, but just to make it interesting I headed over to and placed a three team parlay taking the over on points at 49 on the Saints v. Eagles, the Seahawks and Patriots to clear the line at 9 points, and 4.5 points respectively. With my bets placed, now I get to sit and wait in anticipation for tomorrow afternoon. Now if only they could find a way to have playoff games every day of the week!

I encourage you to get out there and place those wagers for tomorrow’s game, because after all, the playoffs only come around once a year in the NFL, and this weekend offers the best match-ups to place bets on, considering the exciting action that will accompany any wager on game day. For the excitement to subside a little, I decided to head back over to for some more Texas Hold ‘Em. I am hoping that I can get on a little roll, and kill a good chunk of time before the games tomorrow. Thanks for checking in with us at for all of our featured sportsbooks and online casino we offer for your enjoyment. Check back tomorrow, and I hope that all your wagers turn out to be good ones, and if your home team is playing I wish you all the luck during these exciting playoff times.



Aaron G.