Playoff Saturday Good, Playoff Sunday even better

Hello and happy NFL playoff season from us at! We hope that you were fortunate enough to watch the NFL playoffs this afternoon and evening, and hopefully you were able to catch your home team advance into yet another round of playoffs, or at least see that a wager or two came up smelling like roses. For this writer, my first week of playoffs proved to be a pretty unsuccessful one, however, redemption has been served on the second Saturday of the playoffs (when at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, right?).  For yesterday’s match-ups I had chosen the Colts to cover the spread, and placed my bet over at the great sportsbook, aptly named Not only did the Colts cover the 3.5 point disadvantage, but the strong leg of kicker Adam Vinateri came through in the clutch yet again, scoring all 15 points on a record-tying 5/5 field goals made. The Colts march on leaving many to scratch their heads with all the talk of Baltimore’s great defense, at home, against the recently shaky play of the Colts.

The second NFL game of the day this Saturday was much more exciting to watch for the everyday fan, with two much more explosive offenses. The New Orleans Saints put up a team record amount of offense for the playoffs, and Drew Brees managed the game beautifully. With my bet placed on taking the Eagles to get with 5 points, I anxiously watched the back and forth exchange of points leading all the way to the end of the fourth quarter. Now either with a win or loss on my wagers, this was a fun game to watch. However when the final score came up 24-27 Saints, making my sportsbook wager win, and this writer was nothing but smiles for the rest of the evening. Big props go to Coach of the Year Sean Payton, and the outstanding will of the New Orleans Saints, putting up the biggest turnaround in NFL history, and moving on into uncharted playoff territory. It must be stated that the Eagles played a valiant game; just coming up a little short however, far from the playoff snubbing many granted them after Donovan MacNabb’s mid-season exit.

So everybody get your game day faces on for Sunday. If you haven’t got around to placing your bets for the Seattle v. Chicago game or the New England v. San Diego game, you will definitely want to as they promise to be some exciting football action and you certainly won’t want to miss out on. Until tomorrow, thank once again for checking out, and placing wagers at our featured online sportsbooks and casinos.



Aaron G.