Football Sunday is Finally Here!

After a wild Saturday of NCAA college basketball, at last, the NFC and AFC Championship games have arrived. Once again as a reminder, if you haven’t sought out one of our featured sportsbooks on, you will want to do so, as there is precious little time left before the first game starts.  As I mentioned, Saturday was a busy day, with 90 basketball games being played. This writer came out a little better than even, winning the first parlay bet (for the west coast teams), but losing the second parlay bet after Texas, if unexpectedly fell to Villanova. With a little extra change in the pocket, I have placed one more bet on the NFL playoffs, for a two team parlay taking both of the favorites on the line. With my bets placed for underdogs already, I went to and placed a security bet taking The Colts and the Bears to cover the point spread against them. With this, if I lose my other two bets for any reason, I’ll still come up with just a little slight loss of money. I may be exposing my reluctance over taking to underdogs, but whatever? The playoffs only come around once a year, right?

With that said and done, Sunday will shape up to be an exciting day indeed. The Bears and the Saints start in about 1 hour, and the anticipation is almost too much to bear (no pun intended).  In the meantime, there are plenty of ways to occupy time, especially with all of the great featured casinos we have at To kill a little bit of time, this writer is going back to, for a couple of hands at the Texas Hold ‘Em tables. Overall, this website has given me room to play with on my sportsbook wagers, as I have managed to come out on top in almost every sitting. This is a great way for anyone to bet small amounts of money (as most casinos offer table bets as low as 5/10 cents per ante and as high as 50/100 dollars per and up), develop good playing habits, and come up with extra change to use at our featured sportsbooks.  I am a huge fan of our featured online casinos, which have yet to provide anything but the best service, easiest usage, and often very good bonuses to be had.

So grab your snacks and settle in with your buddies this afternoon, or get yourself down to the local pub for some rowdy game time fun. This promises to be a couple of exciting games, and we here at wouldn’t miss this for the world. Enjoy your Sunday and thank you again for checking out our featured online sportsbooks and casinos. Wishing you the best of luck today, and every day and happy betting!



Aaron G.