A surprising Thursday outcome makes for a great Friday

Finally´┐Żthe weekend is here. Hopefully you are off work for the weekend as I am, and you definitely deserve to be at home, online, and having fun with sportsbook and casino action! For this Friday, my betting is a little bit loose, since a great Thursday night has me sitting in excellent position at our featured online sportsbook Playersonly.com (<a href=”http://www.casinoreview.org/sports_betting/playersonly.html”>read the review of Players Only</a>). Winning a fairly simple NCAA basketball parlay wager, and cashing in on yet another exciting Orange Bowl, I’m throwing out bets anywhere I can get them tonight at Players Only. Thanks to first time BCA bowl winner Kansas, I’ve made it back to one game over even for this bowl season. To get that one game over on the Hokies vs. Jayhawks game however, makes me one happy camper. Plus, the game was a tightly contested match-up all the way, which is exactly what I’m looking for in a combination of exciting sports action and online sports betting.

I’ve got one plan and one plan only for tonight, seeming as though I got pretty lucky last night, which is essentially to bet only on pure first reaction to seeing the games posted at Playersonly.com. In NBA action tonight I’m taking Seattle to once again lose to Phoenix, and San Antonio over Denver. Portland is getting a helping hand by getting no real opponents to play! I can’t believe Chicago is where they are right now, can you? 12-18? Shame, shame. Portland to win on the road will be (I hope) the only question for the night in the NBA, but I’ve got more to go around, and NHL Hockey looks good tonight as well.

Betting on sports is always an awesome option for earning a little cash while away from work. Even though I’ve got no time for sports action tonight, and am late already to get ready for going out, there is always time to squeak in a wager at one of our top sportsbooks reviewed on our site. It took me easily under 5 minutes to get logged on at Playersonly.com, check an update on tomorrow’s NFL games, and then place my wagers and log off. It’s just that easy, and I can wait to check back later tonight with the outcomes. Have a great Friday night, and thanks for visiting CasinoReview.org for reviews and updates on the best online sportsbooks and casinos found anywhere.

Aaron G.