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This Thursday feels like a good day to a). not be at work because you might feel a bit sick and/or b). check out the great online sports betting action featured for NBA and NCAA basketball offered on our best online sportsbooks featured here at With the work week just dragging on, and a bit of a scratch in the back of my throat, I’m playing a little bit of hooky from the everyday boredom of cubicle life, and getting down to (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>) for a little bit of online casino gaming as well as a bit of betting on sports. Since starting with online sportsbook reviews and testing, has been a fan favorite for users on our site, as well as one of my favorite places to go drop a few wagers on, or spend a night laboring away at the poker tables or some of the fun casino games offered on their site. For this day and evening, my online sports betting will be focused on a select few PAC-10 basketball match-ups, as well as the three NBA basketball games that look perfect for a three team parlay this evening.

In NCAA action, three good games in the PAC-10 catch my eye (especially as I’m a West Coast guy with teams like USC, UCLA and Stanford readily available to watch on local TV) and my first shot at betting on sports will have to take the ranked teams of #4 Washington State over USC, #5 UCLA over Washington, and #23 Stanford over Oregon State. Definitely not too much excitement in those bets as far as risk taking, but Washington State is rolling right now, UCLA is at home and a far superior team compared to the Huskies, and Oregon State is certainly no contender in the face of a continually surprising Stanford team. With a quick wager set up at, it’s time to kick back with the FSN Network, and watch the sports betting action run it’s course!

For the NBA today, three games = three team parlay wagering for yours truly. I’ve always been a fan of collecting a few games together to maximize profit, however tonight is a bit of a tough call. Detroit vs. San Antonio, Phoenix at Utah, and Sacramento vs. Memphis are all going to be tricky as each contest has pretty evenly matched teams. Utah doesn’t seem to lose at home very often, and Sacramento, regardless of record, is a better team (especially at home) than Memphis is. However, it’s a coin flip between San Antonio and Detroit, so I’ll take under on points hoping for a classic defensive match-up. My pick are set, and hopefully you’ve had time to head to one of our best online sportsbooks and place a few wagers tonight on some of the great sports action offered. From the NBA to the NCAA to the NHL, there is once again great options for betting on sports, no matter what type of action you want to get in on!

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