The weekend comes�and not a moment too soon!

It’s certainly been another one of those never-ending weeks this week, and I for one will be the first to admit how excited I am that Friday night brings the anticipation of another great weekend of online sports betting, but also a few more days away from pointless work! For Friday night this week, I’ll be celebrating the night’s sports action down at the local Irish bar, but not quite before another trip to our one of our best online sports betting sites has me putting a little of my hard-earned cash on tonight’s sports action. With plenty to choose from between the NBA and the NHL at tonight (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), I’ve got a couple wagers lined up including the L.A. Lakers who are in action at home tonight against the Milwaukee Bucks. With Milwaukee having a bit of a mediocre start so far this year, and Los Angeles still putting up huge point totals every game, I would certainly swing wagering towards the total point bet, which L.A. seems to help break every time, or by just taking L.A. to win. I honestly can’t remember the last game I wagered on featuring Los Angeles that didn’t go over 200 points total�.

In the NHL, I’d never expect to be saying that any game with the Phoenix Coyotes would be a good match-up, however the Phoenix franchise is really starting to turn itself around, and tonight they have another big challenge in facing Vancouver on home ice. Judging by the last Canucks game I saw, the stinginess of Canucks net minder Roberto Luongo has not been nearly as apparent, and seeing 4 goals scored in the first period has got me questioning whether or not to take the over total points in this game as well. With the line set at 5.5 tonight, I’m taking it at, and hoping for another night of fast-paced hockey with plenty of shots on goal.

Between the NBA and the NHL this evening, online sports betting fans should be able to find plenty of action to keep the sports world an exciting venture with possible positive monetary outcomes to sports contests. Also make sure to check out our featured online casinos operating side-by-side with the featured online sportsbooks reviewed here at Have a great Friday night, a great weekend, and good luck with betting on sports at our top sportsbooks!

Aaron G.