NFL Action at for Saturday

The day that has been taking so long to finally rear its head has finally showed up at our collective front doorstep! welcomes you to another sure-to-be-storied weekend of NFL football action, and online sports betting excitement at our top sportsbooks reviewed on our site. For Saturday’s sports betting, the anticipation finally got to me last night, and a quick trip back to one of our best online sportsbooks at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) had me placing my wager for the first game of the day between my beloved Seattle Seahawks, and the impressive Green Bay Packers. As the game is going to be settled on the icy tundra of Lambeau Field, and the Packers do have a significantly better all-around team, it is certainly easy to see why the Packers get the advantage with the favorite for this game. However, I would be insulting my home town if I didn’t take my Seahawks to win, and if they get a little luck on their side, the payoff in this one won’t be too shabby for sure´┐Ż

That being said, the Seahawks are going to need a lot of good fortune to get through this one. The Seattle run game has been dismal all year this year, on the lack of production from franchise running back Shaun Alexander, and if weather takes the ball out of the throwing arm of Matt Hasselbeck, this is going to be quick work for the pounding offensive attack of Brett Favre and the Packers. Seattle doesn’t stand a chance running head to head with Green Bay, and between Mo Morris and Shaun Alexander, Seattle will need to gain over 100 yards or more on the ground to establish their more effective passing game. With my online sports betting closed for this game, I’ve got twenty bucks down, and a big prayer for the ‘Hawks heading into pregame. This is going to be a fun game either way, so you certainly won’t want to miss wagering on or watching this game this afternoon.

In the late game, this match-up between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots could be the one shot anyone has at stopping the Pat’s run toward the Super Bowl. I’ve had so much fun watching David Garrard and the Jags work through the AFC this year, and can’t wait to see what Jacksonville brings to the table in this contest. Between the two NFL games today, online sports betting fans have two great options for betting on sports at our top sportsbooks featured on our website, and you can be sure that the action will continue all weekend. Enjoy the great sports betting opportunities, and thank you as always for visiting our site and checking out the best online sports betting sites anywhere on the internet!

Aaron G.