Getting an extra day off pays off on bowl games, NBA, NHL …

It’s Friday, there is no work that has to get done (other than writing this short little update), and there are more bowl games and sports action for all you online sports betting fans! Today we have a nice little montage of NCAA bowl games, a bevy of NBA and NHL games to choose from, and even a little bit of College Hoops action to whet your whistle with (yes, I am getting old, thank you). With much anticipation, today’s featured game of the day is the battle between Alabama and Utah, which will decide whether or not there will remain one unbeaten team in the league (being Utah). For the Sugar Bowl today, it has to be a tough call for anyone wagering at one of the best online sports betting sites featured here, as Alabama is a perennial threat in any bowl game, and Utah comes out of a rather weak conference, even though they manage to run the table there this year. What I do know, is the betting on sports will be most likely hedged on Alabama, so I’m going to go with Utah and their points given as underdog, and hope for the best!

With all the Sugar Bowl hype aside, there is still plenty of wagering action to be had over the course of Friday’s games, and with College basketball, the NBA and NHL in full swing, it’s got to be hard to resist popping into a sportsbook and placing some wagers for both today’s and Saturday’s NCAA action. I would go so far to say that the featured online sportsbooks offered on our site are your best way to cash in on all the sports action offered today, so no matter what your betting style calls for, looks to our reviews of the best sports books for tips on where to go to get the biggest payouts, bonuses, and have the most fun. For today, (read the review of get my business, as they offer a wide range of betting options, good lines on games, and along with all the other top sportsbooks reviewed, amazing customer support and trustworthiness.

With that said, I wish you a pleasant evening as I must return back to the games getting underway today, as kickoff for the first of the bowl games gets going in just a few minutes! I hope that you all have had an opportunity to place your wagers for this great weekend of sports, or get a chance to play some games in our featured online casinos. We’ll catch you again tomorrow, and from all of us at, thank you for using our website for all your online sportsbook wagering needs.

Aaron G.