The Sugar Bowl surprises, fuels the fire for betting on …

For all of you who had the chance to see the Sugar Bowl this year, pitting unbeaten Utah vs. the might Nick Saban-coached Alabama, you saw probably the finest defensive performance of any College Football team this year. Need I say, wow. Unfortunately for Alabama fans (as this is really their only shot at winning anything sports related) Utah dominated the Crimson Tide to a 31-17 victory, clenching the Sugar Bowl trophy, and a spot in history as an undefeated team. As such this is where we all must step back and say a big ‘Boo!’ to the BCS selection system, as Utah finishes a perfect season with no shot at the national title. Changes must be made�playoffs anyone? I think so. Any way you take it though, it was a well fought game on both sides, with the more deserving team coming out on top. As bowl season slowly winds down just as it’s gotten started, this game certainly was a great one in that run, and all sports fans were treated to something special there, regardless of fan affiliation.

My journey through the best online sportsbooks reviewed have here has taken me through a number of very good, if not the very best, options for the online gambler. As I continue to venture around all the top sportsbooks, today I have stumbled over another site at (read the review of Players Only), which has also been a winner for me over the last year of playing in their online sports book. The website design and quick access to wagering lines was an instant hit to me. Now I will attest that the 10% bonus for initial deposit was a bit weak compared with our other sites, however, there is a plethora of other bonus opportunities throughout the week that very few other sites offer to online players. My first wagers on will consist of, you guessed it�NFL football playoffs! With great excitement for the games to begin, I like Arizona over Atlanta, being as though the Cards are at home, as well as Indy over San Diego (who shouldn’t be here in the first place). A few scattered wagers in the NHL round out a few parlay wagers, and I’ll call it good with all my wagering money coming from the upset Utah handed to ‘Bama yesterday!

With my fingers crossed and my bets placed, there is no turning back now. I hope that you will be able to tune into the Championship game this week, and hopefully you have placed you bets on one of the best online sportsbooks here on Thank you as always for stopping by our website, and good luck with any betting on sports you have taking place today!

Aaron G.