More great playoff action in the NFL, online sports …

Sunday is always a great day for football fans, but even more so today, as the first round of the Wild Card games have been completed (with my dismay at the victory San Diego had over the Colts), and on we march to another day of great opportunities for betting on sports at the best online sportsbooks reviewed at For today’s games, I’m seeing some very tough calls to try and make, namely as Baltimore and Miami meet up in the Sunshine state, and Philadelphia travels to Minnesota to take on the Vikings in what will be severly hostile territory for the Eagles. With a few quick wagers placed at one of the top online sportsbooks at (read the review of, NFL wagering is done for the day, and it’s time to kick back and wait for the games to get underway´┐Żall from the comfort of the couch!

With plenty to choose from in the NBA, NHL and College Hoops for later on, the focus for anything outside of NFL football for online sports betting today has to be on the bowl game between Texas and Ohio State in the Fiesta Bowl tomorrow. Great match-up, great fans, great online sports book action. The name of the game here will be which side can control the other side’s offensive attack, and my guy says Ohio State is going to have a harder time doing so with the talented Colt McCoy running the Texas show, so my money is on Texas to win this one today. Moving away from sports betting on football, there are more great games to be wagered on in the NHL, NCAA Hoops, and the NBA, so check out those games today at, and get your wagers in before betting closes for the afternoon’s lineup.

Tomorrow is back to business, and even though I can’t say personally that I’m glad for more work to come, it’s been a fantastic weekend for sports fans, and for wagering in the best online sportsbooks on the internet. I’m going to kill some time until then scouring over a few more of our featured online sportsbooks and casinos and see if I can’t find some fun new stuff, and first and foremost, I’m back to (read the review of Superbook) to play a few casino games, and maybe get into a few poker matches today. Wish me luck and hopefully we’ll see you back on tomorrow where you can find tons of information on online sportsbooks, casinos and and poker rooms that might suit your fancy.

Aaron G.