Prepping for the BCS National Championship, more sports …

It’s a bittersweet day for College Football fans, as simultaneously the most anticipated game, and the end of the NCAA season meet as one tomorrow, with the showdown between Florida and Oklahoma in the FedEx Nation Championship game. While my wagers have been placed on this game already in eager anticipation, Wednesday offers yet another great day for betting on sports, and yet again across all leagues, sports fans can find something exciting to get into the action with, coming off what is no doubt another long and grinding day of work. For myself, visiting (read the review of for some Blackjack turned out to be a lot of fun last night, and I found myself on a pretty long winning streak right in the middle of all the sports action yesterday evening. After walking away a slightly richer man, Wednesday’s bets are able to be completely fueled by table winnings, which always makes choosing your bets an easier time. makes it extremely simple to have a good time using online sportsbooks and casinos, and this guy will be the first to say that even after about two years of constant wagering and frequent casino play, I still remain an avid sports fan, and a constant proponent of the best online sportsbooks and casinos reviewed here. There are just so many sportsbook options, and even more casino gaming types from which to choose from that allows any individual the opportunity to custom tailor their online betting experience. Whether you are a sports nut, or a casino nut, it’s all available through our website for you. Don’t be deceived by websites with titles like,, and All these sites, as well as the other featured sportsbooks have great casino businesses, with games for all types of players. If you are mainly a casino player, and rarely venture to a site that doesn’t expressly indicate casino play in website name, don’t sell these sites short. Check out the quality of play that can be found at the sites that promote themselves first as a sportsbook, and secondly as a casino. You will find great bonus opportunities, as well as a lot of games that aren’t available on sites that are only for casino wagering!

Now that the first round of NFL playoffs is over, and there is only one college football game left (even though it’s the national championship), we’re going to need some new wagers to place going forward. NBA basketball is shaping up with an exciting season, and NHL hockey is no different. If you’re like me and stick to your favorite sports to wager on, you’re also like me in the fact that you are missing out on some great wagering opportunities. For the next week, I will be brushing up on my NBA knowledge (which is noticeably lacking a bit this year, with a sub .500 winning total on Bball games), and placing some bets outside of my comfort zone, so I can become a well-rounded bettor in all sports leagues. I also have a handful of new casinos to try out, to go along with many great sportsbooks that I have signed up for and gotten to put some action on. So get out there with me a try a new site or two that we have featured for you at Make sure to catch the BCS championship tomorrow, place your best shots at sportsbook wagers today, and I’ll see you again soon with more online sportsbook and casino action to talk about.

Aaron G.