Weekend sports action heats up with NFL football playoffs

Today is a day built for the avid sports fan; 16 games featuring Top 25 teams in NCAA basketball, 12 NHL hockey contests, 6 NBA games, and two NFL games. Yeah buddy. It doesn’t get any better than this for those of us who spend our Saturdays glued to the couch, only getting up for beer and nachos, and it also doesn’t get any better than Betus.com (read the review of BetUS) for all your online sports betting needs. Betus.com was my first contact with our featured online sportsbooks and casinos, and I am still impressed with the service and quality offered by this site. With that in mind, it get front and center stage for Saturday’s wagering action, which is ample no matter what your game of choice happens to be.

Fortunately for me, I jumped directly from the sportsbook at www.Betus.com and into their casino, where I’m killing time before the action begins this morning (yes, I’m a total nut up and playing this early in the morning, I know). This is not an uncommon occurrence across many of our featured sites, as the competition for players online is high across sportsbooks and online casinos. I’ve found that there is no better way to pass the time after having wagered on all the action that looks good to you, than heading to a poker room, or any of the online casinos, and trying to make a little extra dough to cover future or pending wagers. Betus.com has been my all-time favorite, and as you will no doubt find out for yourself, it is one of the most professional, and most detailed sites (stats-wise), you could ever hope to find. From their betting guides sent at the beginning of each season, to the great bonus opportunities and great support offered, you can do no wrong choosing Betus.com as the best online sports book and casino anywhere.

As you may or may not know, Texas Hold ‘Em has always been my table game of choice in our best reviewed websites whenever it is made available. As such, certain table games are offered at some casinos, and not at others (which is why for me I normally frequent Betus.com, with their excellent card tables for no limit, and limit Texas Hold ‘Em). If you have a specific game you like to play, find out first what featured websites offer your game of choice, then figure out how much extra cash you can make off bonuses offered, and what site has the best options and features for you. Everyone is different, and every website featured on CasinoReview.org contains something different for every type of player. With that in mind, enjoy the moments leading up to the great day of sports ahead, place your bets, and I wish you all good luck for the best possible outcomes for your wagering today!

Aaron G.