Sunday’s NFL Divisional Playoffs make for great …

Hello all and thank you for joining me on! I must start off by quickly stating that we have another fantastic day of sports betting action, as there are yet again two more NFL football games, as well as plenty of NHL hockey games, as well as NBA and NCAA basketball getting underway. With action taking place in every corner of the country, no doubt you will be able to find something for betting on sports this Sunday, and on that note, I’m deciding at this very moment to take out some wagers at (read the review of Players Only), which will be the featured online sportsbook for today’s online sports betting. No doubt the main attraction will be the two Divisional playoff games in the NFL, but branching out to the NHL, NBA and NCAA basketball will certainly be in order, albeit perhaps with some slightly smaller wagering in mind.

Now there isn’t all that many NBA, NHL or NCAA games to choose from this Sunday, but there are a few in particular that any basketball or hockey fan should be watching today (if they can break from the NFL action between the Eagles and Giants, and later the Steelers and Chargers). The showdown between the Magic and the Spurs today should be a great game pairing two divisional superpowers, and is definitely the game of the day for the NBA. For the NHL, look to the Devils v. Ducks as the exciting action in that league, and for NCAA wagering, look out for North Carolina v. Wake Forest in a huge ACC battle. Regardless of the NFL action just about underway, make sure to peruse the choices in all the sports leagues before hunkering down for football. As always, there are some great opportunities for bringing home the bacon without having to put in a full days’ work at the office.

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Aaron G.