Online sports betting update after a great weekend of …

Well folks, we at are happy to bring you into another week of online sports betting, and after witnessing the entire great sports action taking place in the last week, it is to be said that even more great choices in our best online sportsbooks reviewed here lie just ahead of you. In reflection of the NFL games played this weekend, who would have thought that both Philadelphia and Arizona would be playing for the NFC Championship next week? Wow. Give it to Arizona for bucking the trend of playing horrible football back east, and to the Eagles for playing a solid game against a great New York Giants team, in hostile territory. Needless to say, both these teams have grown up greatly in the last few weeks, and as such they will duke it out next week for the shot at Superbowl XLIII. While it comes as no shock the Pittsburgh took care of San Diego yesterday, many props should be given to San Diego for getting this far, especially after a horrific start to their regular season. But, today is another day for online sports betting, and the weekend’s games are now a thing of the past. Let’s bring on yet another great week of betting on sports at our best online sports books reviewed here.

It’s gotten a bit tighter this week as far as sports betting is concerned, now that the NCAA football season is over, and the NFL playoffs are winding up to the Superbowl, however today’s offering of games finds a couple good wagers for NHL hockey to start of wagering (the games between the Red Wings and Stars, and the Kings and Lightning). For these possible bets, I like scoring to be a key factor in the Red Wings v. Stars game, and for the following game, the Kings have home ice, and are favored in that one. Switching over to the NBA quickly for the final round of online sports betting today, The Jazz are once again on a home stand against the Pacers, and this game makes for a good bet against the total points (for the over wager). The Trailblazers have a favorable match-up on the road against the Bulls, and for a rounded out parlay wager, I like the Bucks against the hosting Washington Wizards�who are terrible.

With just a little bit of betting options ahead before the day is over, make sure to stop by one of the best online sports betting sites here, and thanks for checking in with us at for all of our featured sportsbooks and online casino we offer for your enjoyment. Check back tomorrow, and I hope that all your wagers turn out to be good ones, and if your home team is still alive and playing in the playoffs I wish you all the luck during these exciting playoff times ahead!

Aaron G.