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This my friends, is what they would call ‘happiness’ for a sports fan. It’s Sunday morning, kickoff for the opening NFC Championship is underway in about 45 minutes, and there is nothing to do for an entire afternoon, except to soak in what will surely be a great day of football. Tomorrow, we will know those contending in Super Bowl XVIII, but in about 60 minutes’ worth of football time, we’ll see if the ARIZONA CARDINALS�are actually going to make it into the Super Bowl after an 8-8 finish (3-7 outside their division), or if the Donovan McNabb-led Philadelphia Eagles. Today, playing at home, with a veteran QB behind them, the Arizona Cardinals are where my money’s at, and yes, I can’t believe I’m hedging on Kurt Warner. Let’s face it, the man is absolutely one of the best in the game right now at QB, and it’s going to take more than Brian Dawkins to shut him down with 4 legitimate targets, and a running game that is always pretty decent at home. However, it’s going to be a close one either way today, so regardless of what input I have one you, for sportsbook betting today, I’m at our very best, that being (read the review of, and you should be too! is one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed on our website, with excellent service, easy pay-out transactions, and great start up bonuses. As a choice site of the many top sportsbooks featured here, gets my wagers for the NFC and AFC Championship games, both which have me second-guessing myself all the way. I can go on home field advantage alone for who I think should win the games, but why is that never how it actually turns out at the end of the 4th Quarter? I think we’ll see some points on the board in the 1st game, and next to none at all in the second, but for the outcome of each, it’s a little tough to make the call. I’m not surprised if the Eagles and Cardinals top 70 points collectively, as that ambient-controlled dome in Arizona will certainly bring out top performances from at least a few players today, most especially the QBs. In the Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore game, I just have to think that the Flacco rookie streak has lasted long enough. Pittsburgh is an animal�and a defensive one at that. Baltimore, yes, is a similar beast, but on home turf, against a rookie QB who hasn’t been in this situation before�even Rothlisberger looks at advantage. I like the under on total points in this game, even if the posted total is very low anyways. So for me, apparently in accordance with what my wagering has done today (along with a few others placed earlier in the week, admittedly) I say Cardinals vs. Steelers in the Superbowl at the end of today’s play. Wow.

I’m running out of time, and the announcers for the Cards vs. Eagles have already started running their mouths, so I must wish you all good luck in your last minute sports book bets, thanks for stopping by for access to all the best online sportsbooks and casinos, and enjoy a great day of NFL playoff action!

Aaron G.